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Write Goals Down, Make Them Happen!
Mar 09, 2015

Having goals and aspirations is great but unless you truly commit to them, they could remain unattainable pipedreams. However, if you write down your goals, you will have a better chance of making them a reality, helping you live the life you truly want and deserve.

Defining your goal establishes the destination. It tells you and those around you exactly what you want to achieve. Writing it down makes it real and tangible, providing the focus you need to get started. Writing down your goals provides that sense of purpose and a constant reminder you can revisit whenever you need motivation.

Simply thinking about your goal won’t make it happen. Only by taking action will you make it a true success. Sometimes other opportunities may come your way. Being blown off course is an inevitable part of life but always having your original goals to hand helps you re-evaluate your situation. You can decide to realign your current circumstances with your goals or assess whether they continue to be relevant in your life. By writing your goals down, you are creating a record that you can return to time and again. Writing down your goals and keeping a note of them helps you realise how much you actually achieve.

Once you’ve achieved a goal, don’t throw away your written account of it; instead use this reminder to motivate you to achieving other new exciting objectives! Always celebrate your achievements when a completed action moves you closer to realising your overall goal. These celebrations will help spur you on to continue, supporting you to flourish in your endeavours! Write down your goals today so you can take action and make them happen!

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