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Are You Ready To Grow A Confident, Resilient Mindset For Success & Achieve All You Desire?

For you, your family and your business!


A very warm welcome to Empowering Mums & Mumpreneurs! You've arrived on this page because you're inquisitive about taking your all important FIRST STEP with Empowering Mums to finally uncover, and establish the solution to the one thing that's holding you back from achieving all you desire in your life and business!


Do You Ever find yourself:
  • Worrying about the “what ifs” and “guilt” that constantly keep you stuck?
  • Stressed and anxious over what others might think, instead of doing what’s right for you?
  • Held back by the same old recurring obstacles such as fear of failure?
  • Struggling with self-doubt and indecision, not believing you’re good enough, clever enough…?
  • Exhausted, overwhelmed juggling your many roles and responsibilities with no time for you?
  • Stuck, telling yourself you’ve tried everything yet you’re still not where you want to be?
  • Where success always seem to be somewhere in the future, you just need to do…. first?

Let us reassure you, you're not alone and you're definitely in the right place!

Being a mum or mumpreneur is not easy. There’s the constant juggling of your roles and responsibilities, the feelings of guilt because getting the balance right seems impossible and the exhaustion that never seems to go away.

Many mums and mumpreneurs that I speak to, feel lonely, isolated and unsupported. No one else quite understands the unique challenges and difficulties you face.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just step off the fast treadmill that is your current life and find some space to just stop and think? Imagine what it would be like to take some invaluable time-out for you on a regular basis and focus on the things you really want to achieve instead of the things you feel you ‘should’ be doing!

The Real Obstacle Holding You Back...

Over the last 10 years working with thousands of mums and mumpreneurs, we've established there’s a common thread holding you back from achieving all you desire and deserve in your life and in your business!

Have you ever been on a course, attended a ‘how to…’ webinar, excitedly downloaded a 'how to...' bundle, or read a self-development book expecting to be able to then implement the knowledge gained and just do it, just achieve the results they all lay claim to along with the success you desire?

But instead, you find yourself still stuck, failing to implement anything and getting more and more frustrated as your aspirations of success feel further and further away doubting whether you'll ever be where you want to be?

That’s your ‘inner’ challenges holding you back - preventing you fulfilling and achieving what you really want despite having gained the external knowledge!


Let us explain why...

As mums, we often focus on the ‘external’ challenges that we face - how can I get my “to do” list completed, feed the children something healthy, start or even grow my business, network with a room full of strangers…?’

But we tend to ignore our ‘inner’ challenges - for example a lack of confidence, not having the belief or courage to embrace opportunities, fear of getting something wrong, doubting our abilities and worth, not feeling good enough or feeling like a failure! Often, it's because we're not even aware of these inner challenges - so how can we possible begin to fix them ourselves?

It's these very inner challenges holding you back and here at Empowering Mums, Tracey is on a mission to change all that and really help mums and mumpreneurs understand that:


Until you develop your ‘inner’ challenges, you will always get stuck in the same place, no matter what you try to do!

How...? The C.A.L.M. MUMS Way!

Empowering Mums have identified four essentials that every mum and mumpreneur needs to help you grow a resilient and supportive mindset for success, creating greater confidence, balance and clarity in the process to activate your infinite capabilities within! Once embedded, these four essentials enable you to enjoy an easier happier life alongside running a highly successful business. Not just that, all aligned with enjoying time out for an essential self-care routine that fulfils your own needs and delight in quality time spent with your children being the mum you really want to be!


So, What Is C.A.L.M. You Might Ask?


Build Your Self-Belief In You & Your Abilities: We all want to perform at our best in life, with our families, socially, in work and in business. The core essential enabling this is your belief in yourself and true confidence in your abilities! A more confident you has the courage and belief to step outside your comfort zone, to experience new opportunities and to wholly enjoy life!


Gain Absolute Clarity On What You Want & Why:  Raising your awareness to who you really are, what's truly important to you, what you wholeheartedly want to achieve, along with creating a crystal clear vision broken down into bite sized actionable steps, generates your personalised roadmap to successfully take you exactly where you want to be both in life and in your business!


Establish YOUR Ideal Life-Balance: It is unique to you, has great impact on your level of happiness and very much goes hand in hand with a good level of confidence and awareness! Knowing what’s important to you, prioritising your own self-care as you do others, enables you to pour from an overflowing cup to achieve the equilibrium that works for you and your family!


Grow A  Confident, Resilient Mindset For Success: Where you truly believe you have everything within you to achieve all you desire. Mastering your self-belief and courage to identify and embrace life’s opportunities so you can be, do or have, all you desire for you and your family, across each aspect of your life and business - no matter the terrain of your journey!      

So, Allow Us To Introduce You To YOUR FIRST STEP To Achieving The Success YOU Desire!

Our C.A.L.M. MUMS Workbook Series:

  • Workbook1: From Self-Doubt To Unshakeable Confidence
  • Workbook 2: From Bedlam To Conscious Awareness
  • Workbook 3: From Inundated To Ideal Life-Balance
  • Workbook 4: From Expectation To Resilient Mindset

These workbooks form a highly successful series of four. Each being created to help mums and mumpreneurs just like you, take the first steps of your journey towards living the life you truly want and deserve, through embracing all ‘4 core essentials’ in to your everyday life!

Take your FIRST STEP and embrace our essential C.A.L.M. MUMS Workbook Series

Final word from Tracey...

I wish you the best of luck as you take YOUR FIRST STEP towards achieving all you desire in life and business!

I hope you enjoy your C.A.L.M. MUMS Workbook Series! Work through at your own pace, the most important thing is to consistently take bite-sized action steps to implement your learning. 

Remember until you develop those peskey 'inner' challenges, you will always get stuck in the same place, no matter what you try to do!

To your confident, resilient mindset for success!


Who is Tracey Wall, what makes her the expert for me?

Tracey Wall is a leading professional Confidence and Mindset Coach. She is an author, transformational speaker, founder of Empowering Mums & Mumpreneurs and the creator of CA.L.M. MUMS Members’ Club.

Following the birth of her daughter, Tracey left a highly successful 24-year corporate career leading multi-million-pound businesses, to seek greater flexibility and wellbeing. The subsequent journey revealed her passion and purpose to support mums in overcoming similar challenges, to create their desired business and lifestyle, along with being the mum they really want to be.

As THE original Confidence Coach for mums and mumpreneurs, Tracey has received multiple awards, is frequently called upon to feature in numerous publications, as in-house coach for an online magazine, twice appeared alongside Myleene Klass on her online video and TV series for parents as a Confidence and Balance Expert for mums, and is now a highly sought-after Confidence and Mindset Expert for mums and mumpreneurs!

It is in this capacity during 2017, Tracey was invited to become an Mpower Team Expert, Mpower being a leading organisation supporting mums in the early stages of starting and growing their business. A role she still embraces and relishes to this day and one she is so proud of contributing to the achievements of. Tracey is also a Co-Organiser and Judge of the prestigious and highly successful Mpower National Business Awards!

Tracey specialises in helping mums and mumpreneurs move from overwhelm, fear and self-doubt to confidence, balance and clarity plus a resilient mindset for success! She has developed a range of highly-acclaimed products, programmes and services providing solutions that help women achieve transformational change!


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