So what is C.A.L.M. MUMS Members' Club?

C.A.L.M. MUMS Members’ Club is a unique online platform and supportive community of like-minded mums and mumpreneurs that grows with you. It has been created to provide you with all the expertise, resources and solutions, that will help and support you.

This members' club will bring out the very best in you and each other. You will no longer have to struggle to figure it all out alone, or stay stuck whilst opportunities and life pass you by or constantly beat yourself up telling yourself you’re not good enough or clever enough…

Behind every successful mum, is a tribe of other successful mums who totally have her back!

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"I really can’t recommend CALM Mums enough! With all the information and jam-packed masterclasses, I have learned so many tools and techniques for getting me ‘unstuck’ to keep moving forward with setting and achieving my goals. Everything on the online portal flows really well and the masterclasses really get you thinking on a much deeper level. One of the biggest benefits of CALM Mums is having a lovely group of non-judgemental and supportive mums to speak to, who are facing similar day to day challenges that come from being a mum and a woman. There is lots of laughter, the odd tear and the women I have met through CALM Mums have become lie-long friends. Tracey is a fantastic coach. She is incredibly patient, caring and understanding with a wonderful fun-loving side too. She will go out of her way to support you in any way she can and will give gentle encouragement when needed to keep you on track. "

S Mackay, Scotland

"Having known Tracey many years I know her passion and heart is always to support and help others. I joined C.A.L.M. MUMS to help me focus and achieve goals for me, goals I truly wanted to achieve just for me. Not my family, friends or anyone else, just ME. I found I had been coasting through my life a fair bit and it was time to do something about taking control of that or my aspirations and goals wouldn't be achieved. Tracey's process of helping you do this is broken down into bite size chunks in masterclasses delivered each month and they really work. Her support to help you through the process is second to none and she is very creative in helping you when you need it. I can very much say through lock down this C.A.L.M. MUMS Club community of ladies has helped to keep me sane on that journey into the unknown and the strategies we've learnt were truly put to the test and delivered. Our community became such a support mechanism and I now have new life-long friends who are each achieving their changes and aspirations like me too. If you’re looking to build your confidence, gain clarity, create your ideal life-balance, develop a more resilient mindset for success and the support to help you implement the necessary changes to achieve your aspirations and goals, I highly recommend C.A.L.M. MUMS Club and Tracey's support to achieve this. "

J Bulbrook, Cheshire

"I had no idea where I was with my life or how to move forward. Tracey helped shed light on aspects of myself that I needed to change that I had no idea about, and inspired me to have the courage to take the necessary action to achieve such change. I now know you can't change what you're not aware of, so I know I wouldn't have been able to achieve all of this on my own! It was Christmas when I first got in touch, I was in a very low place and my marriage was on the verge of collapse. Step forward two years later and this Christmas was a very different story! My marriage is happy and strong, I really enjoy playing with the kids and spending time as a family, the happy stable home is reflecting in the children, the house is calm, stress free and we truly shared the magic of Christmas together - it was so very special...! "

C Alexandra-Peck (1), Australia

"...As for my business, there were times over the past few years that I nearly gave up but with Tracey's support, encouragement and belief in me, I carried on and now have a good little business with a great reputation! This gave me the courage and confidence to excitedly embrace a business start-up in Australia with belief in my ability to succeed. Which leads me on to the move to Australia... the biggest thing is, I can honestly say that we wouldn't have emigrated if it wasn't for Tracey. I would never have had the courage to move my family to the other side of the world if it wasn't for Tracey and the transformational session we had on the subject, when I wouldn’t even entertain the idea when my husband suggested it! That session where she opened my eyes to opportunity for both me and my family, was most definitely positively life changing beyond words! Thank you so much Tracey!"

C Alexandra-Peck (2), Australia

"I was feeling extremely overwhelmed at facing so many personal and challenging obstacles with my new business that I was at the point of giving up. Working with Tracey soon helped me identify my problem very early on. I had no clear direction or business plan in place and, as a result I did not know how to move forward. My confidence had taken a huge knock. With Tracey’s guidance, support and endless encouragement we worked on my inner challenges to develop my confidence and belief in me and in my abilities! I created a strong vision and strategy of what I wanted to achieve with a well formulated, stepped and effective business plan, which I updated as I progressed. My belief in my abilities and my self-confidence have grown beyond recognition. I feel I can achieve whatever I want for my business and now know how to overcome any hurdles along the way. Thanks Tracey, you successfully saved me from making the biggest mistake of my life: I didn’t give up on my business!"

J Hindley, Lancashire

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