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Why You Might Be Tolerating Too Much!
Mar 09, 2020

Why do we tolerate so much that isn’t serving us? In this month’s newsletter, we talked about the kinds of things we might be allowing in our lives that we wouldn’t have in the past. But having some understanding of how we’ve reached this point, can help us to not only make changes but to also avoid the same pitfalls in the future.

Here are three reasons why you might be tolerating too much in your life and that might stop you from moving forward.

1. It’s Too Hard To Change

Spend a minute thinking about changing an aspect of your routine. Notice your heartbeat quickening and maybe your mouth growing drier. I’m guessing that all kinds of worries and questions are popping into your mind too.

You see, your brain is hardwired to fear change. Change means the unknown and the unexpected. When we lived in caves, it might have meant new risks and predators and as your brain can’t predict how these changes might go, it starts setting off the alarm bells. It is designed to keep you safe and that means sticking with the norm.

However, we live in very different times now. Your brain hasn’t developed at the same speed as we have as a society – it still thinks that there are sabre-toothed tigers out there in the unknown, waiting and watching for you to wander into their path.

Today, change is inevitable, and it can even be good for you. Recognise the fear and that change is hard. Then, break it down into small and manageable steps. Tackle one at a time and keep moving forward.

2. You Don’t Know Any Different

Have you ever said something and then paused in horror as you realise, you’re suddenly sounding just like your mum? It’s more common than we’d like to admit. We often repeat patterns and behaviours unconsciously, particularly those we experienced during childhood. You may have even sworn that you would be different, that you wouldn’t allow the same to happen, and yet still find yourself in the same situation.

It’s not your fault – after all, you probably don’t know how to do things differently. But you can learn. For example, it can be beneficial to start actively looking around for alternative examples, or, you could seek support from us here at Empowering Mums.

3. You’re Not In Control

When you’ve got so much on your plate, it can be a relief to have someone else take control. Who hasn’t, at some point, wanted someone to just tell them what to do and how to do it? There’s nothing wrong with this but sometimes that control can creep further.

When you get a moment to stop, breath and look around, you discover that much of what you do is controlled by someone else. When you’re not in control it can be difficult to start making changes to what you’re allowing and tolerating. The first step is to start taking back control.

These are just three of the reasons that can hold you back and keep you tolerating more than is ideal. However, with the right guidance and support, they can all be overcome. If you want help in doing so, then get in touch to discover more about how I can support you in making the changes you desire in your life.

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