‘When The Going Gets Tough’: How To Protect Your Positive Mindset!
Oct 24, 2022

We are living in difficult times. In fact, there seems to have been a catalogue of events in recent years which can feel unending, from the pandemic to war in Europe. While it’s inevitable that we will live through times which are tough, your mindset can make all the difference in how you will cope. In fact, it can not only ensure you survive but continue to thrive, whatever chaos might happen around you.

These are the times in which we need a positive mindset the most. Yet, it can also be the times when we find it most difficult to continue with a growth mindset. Everything can feel harder and more difficult. Obstacles come up and we struggle to find a way around them. This can lead to negative thoughts, which can quickly spiral and alter your mindset. In our last blog post, we discussed how you can cultivate a positive mindset. But how can you protect it when the going gets tough? Here are our top suggestions for you to try.


1. Double Down On The Gratitude Diary Keeping a gratitude diary is good practice for developing and keeping a positive mindset. However, when the going gets tough, it's hard to come up with your usual number of positive points. Many will give up, put the diary away and eventually turn to it less and less.

However, protecting your mindset requires you to do the opposite. Rather than decreasing the list, you should work hard to find even more positives. You can also review what’s in your diary to give you a sense of all that you achieved in recent months.

2. Remind Yourself Of Your Why This is the motivator and core reason you do what you do. The first thing to do is check in with your why and see if it still applies to life today. Sometimes, events happen that shift our perspective and our ‘why’ is no longer relevant. There is no harm in this, but it’s crucial you identify your new why. Placing focus on your ‘why’ can help you face and overcome challenges and continue moving forward positively.

3. Try To Find The Lesson We can find a lesson in pretty much almost any scenario. If you’re finding things difficult, ask yourself what that lesson might be. View it as a growth opportunity. Even if you discover it’s teaching you about what you don’t want or what will not work, you’ve moved closer to your ultimate goal and can focus your energy elsewhere.

4. Spend Time In The Right Way Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, we all need time alone as well as time with others. It’s just the balance between the two that can differ. It’s also important to consider spending time with the RIGHT people, those who will buoy your mood and leave you feeling positive. If you need some alone time, make sure you create the opportunity. If you need time with loved ones, again, make this happen. Maintaining positivity means understanding what it is you need and gifting it to yourself.

5. Do A Good Deed And Be The Positive For Someone Else Sometimes, the best way we can make ourselves feel positive is to do a good deed for someone else. This can be for a loved one or a stranger. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive.

During the lockdown, we heard a story about a woman who removed her mask after coming out of a supermarket. She then smiled at an elderly gentleman. He thanked her, saying he went to the supermarket each week, so he got to interact with someone. With lockdown and masks, it was the first smile he had seen in ages, and it made a vast difference to how he felt. A smile or small conversation really can make someone’s day.

If you’re experiencing a difficult time and are not sure where to start with your mindset, don’t forget I am here to help. Simply drop me a message to find out more.


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