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What Set You Back In 2016?
Dec 12, 2016

At the start of every year many people attempt to make good resolutions that will help them achieve specific, longed for goals. Yet as the year progresses, other aspects of life get in the way. Often we can blame our workload and the children’s ever increasing activities; things that are time driven and cannot simply be ignored or set aside for another time. Yet amidst the chaos of family life, there are ways you can prioritise your needs and successfully accomplish your goals. So, will 2017 be the year you make it happen?

When life is so hectic, it can seem the easiest option to let go of your hopes and dreams but in reality, it is only your thoughts and fears that create the most stubborn barriers to success. So if you stand any chance of fulfilling your true potential and living the life you really want, take that step into the unknown and fully commit to your goal by believing you can achieve it.

So what was it that got in the way of you working towards and achieving your aspirations in 2016? Begin by identifying the reasons you gave up your dream. Ask yourself whether it was worth it and if you could have made the time you so desperately wanted. If you constantly give up your time to care for the needs of others, perhaps now is the time to look inwardly and gift yourself those moments so you can fulfil yourself on your terms.

If fear is preventing you from moving forward, try to consider the worst case scenario if things did play out as you imagine them. Could they really happen? Are you worrying unnecessarily? What if the best case scenario occurs? Isn’t this worth the chance? Brainstorm some valid solutions to help let go of your negative thoughts so you can move ahead with confidence and a positive vision for the future.

Achieving goals requires a real sense of commitment. Commitment needs belief and resilience. Allow yourself to believe in your ability to succeed, put in place a great supportive environment that will help you along the way and truly commit to everything you want to achieve. When you look back at yourself in a year’s time, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come!

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