What Goals Are Still Outstanding For You?
Nov 27, 2017

With December fast approaching it’s the perfect time to reflect on the year so far. I imagine that you’ve achieved many of the things you set out to do and possibly some things that you didn't set out to. Congratulations! You have made it this far. It is quite likely you didn't achieve everything you wanted to this year but we aren't as the end of the year just yet so there is still time.

Even the most committed of us are likely to take our eye off the proverbial ball at some point or encounter challenges that completely throw us off track. You’re not going to achieve everything you plan to do, whilst you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, you don’t hit 100% of them either. Instead of being discouraged by these shortcomings, realise that they’re an opportunity to improve. Each shortcoming is a learning experience, be grateful for them – they’re a chance to become better.

First, what is outstanding? What milestones did you fail to reach, or what things did you not manage to complete? Write them down. Now, why are they outstanding? Perhaps you were too busy and bit off more than you could chew or maybe you never got around to working on it. No matter how big or small the shortcoming was there’s a reason for it. Write these reasons down too, the more honest you are with yourself here the more you’ll learn and be able to figure out what went wrong.

As you look through your shortcomings and their reasoning you might see patterns develop. For example, maybe you didn’t get a project completed because you didn’t do the hours’ worth of work towards it each Friday afternoon like you’d planned to. That should tell you that Friday afternoons aren’t the best time for you to work towards a project. From now on try doing the same hour’s work earlier in the day or another day entirely.

It’s the little things like that that can make a huge difference to your output and get you achieving more of the goals you set. Make your goals work for you, not the other way around.

See the clues and patterns in your what you’ve written, they probably won’t be as obvious as my example, but they’ll be there, somewhere. How can you adapt and in what new ways can you approach your goals with this information? There will be a better method for you to use, you just have to experiment and find out what it is.

Shortcomings are a part of life, we can’t do everything, especially those of us with hectic business and family lives! These shortcomings aren’t a bad thing nor are they a blemish on our reputation. Look at them as an opportunity to grow rather than a sign of defeat or unworthiness. In a years’ time you’ll have smashed all those shortcomings you analysed and adapted to. With this mindset, there are no mistakes or failures, only nonstop improvement.

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