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What Beliefs Are You Holding On To Preventing Your Success?
Apr 15, 2018

In this month’s newsletter, I spoke about the things we could do to start developing a mindset for success. Before we can get to that place, its important to get clarity around the beliefs that may be stopping us from maintaining a growth mindset.

As with all personal development making changes to the way we have always done something can prove challenging and may take some practice. In many ways it's like building a muscle. The more frequently we push ourselves out of our comfort zone to do things that make us feel uncomfortable, like changing a pattern of behaviour, the easier it gets.

The starting place for this is usually changing our belief systems. The biggest barrier to making positive changes in our lives is believing we actually can. This may seem simple enough but many of us have unhelpful programs playing in our heads that encourage us to believe that we are incapable of making the changes we really want to make, learn the skills we want to learn or do the things we would love to do.

This unhelpful programming usually starts in childhood but we can pick up a few throughout adulthood. We may be totally unaware that this programming even exists but it almost always appears in the form of limiting beliefs about what we are capable of.

Have you ever been really excited about making a life change or setting yourself a new goal? Almost immediately you will hear a little voice in the back of your head saying something like “Every time you make a goal you never stick to it. Remember the time when {Insert previous failure here}” or “What makes you think anyone is going to hire you/pay you/listen to you/be interested in what you have to say {or some other line that makes you question yourself}”

We think this critical voice is voice of reason to keep us safe but do you remember having that voice as a young child wanting to do something you probably knew wasn’t the best idea but did it anyway?

Exactly! That critical voice usually develops as a result of our parents or other care givers telling us what we can or can't do, sometimes to keep us safe but often based on their own limitations, likely imposed by their caregivers.

Rather than feeling the fear and doing it anyway, like the time we cut too much of our own hair off, did some dare devil stunt on our bike - or some other random act, we allow ourselves to be stopped by that mean little voice.

So what’s the answer?

Change the voice and expect to succeed.

Yes, it really is that simple.

Now you know what's happening, the next time you hear that voice you can choose not to listen or replace it with your own more positive one and remind yourself of the time you were 'good enough', did have the capability or amazingly succeeded at what you set out to achieve. For every supposed failure there is always a lesson to be learned to help you succeed even greater. The next time you worry you may not be able to achieve what you want, ask yourself all the reasons why you can achieve it. You can write them down and go back to the list any time self doubt hits.

Think of all the things you thought you wouldn't be able to achieve in the past but did, no matter how small and use those achievements as encouragement and proof that you can do just about anything you put your mind to. If you still feel fearful it might serve you well to know that feelings fear and excitement produce the same chemical reactions in the body. Next time fear hits, instead of letting your nerves get the better of you, turn that fear into excitement. Tell yourself all the reasons why you're so excited to be making these life and/or business goals and how its going to feel when you achieve them.

Don't you feel excited already just thinking about being excited? :)

Let me know what goals you are going to commit to with excitement rather than fear. I'd love to hear how you get on.

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