Turning Reflection into Action: Implementing Your Post-Summer Changes
Sep 25, 2023

This month, we've explored how September represents our "second New Year" - a perfect time to implement insights from our summer reflections into meaningful change. But how can we bring some of that holiday spirit into our everyday life?

It's time to get creative and put some fresh, exciting strategies into practice. In the past, we’ve shared strategies such as setting SMART goals, creating priorities and plans, and celebrating successes to help you make changes. But in today’s post, we wanted to share some unique and enjoyable ways to ensure your daily life carries that special summer vibe throughout the year.


1. Embrace the "Holiday Hour"

How about we bring a little slice of our holiday into our everyday routine? Consider dedicating an hour each day to something you love doing on vacation - it could be reading a good book, practicing yoga, or simply enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee in the morning. Call it your "Holiday Hour". This will not only serve as a daily reminder of your summer relaxation but also act as a stressbuster during busy days.

2. Capture Your Summer Spirit

Create a vision board filled with photos, quotes, and symbols that remind you of your summer revelations and aspirations. Place it somewhere you can see daily. This visual reminder will keep your goals vibrant and alive, sparking motivation whenever you need a boost.

3. Make Your Environment Work for You

Make small changes in your surroundings to encourage your new habits. Want to write more? Keep a notebook and pen handy at all times. Striving to eat healthier? Keep fresh fruits within reach. If your environment supports your goals, you're more likely to achieve them.

4. Share Your Journey

Open up about your goals and aspirations to your friends or family. Sharing makes your intentions feel more real and the support from your loved ones can offer much-needed encouragement. Better yet, they might join you in your endeavour, making the journey even more enjoyable!

5. Take it Season by Season

Instead of pressuring yourself to change everything at once, take it season by season. Set a few manageable goals for the autumn, and once you've achieved them, set new ones for the winter. This approach makes the process less daunting and more aligned with the natural rhythm of the year.


Incorporating these fresh strategies into your life will make the process of change more enjoyable and sustainable. As you introduce your "Holiday Hour," or admire your vision board, you'll feel a sense of fulfilment that goes far beyond achieving your goals - you're embracing a lifestyle that reflects your true desires and needs.

Remember, the beauty of this journey lies in its uniqueness. Whether you're a mum striving for more quality time with your family, or a mumpreneur aspiring to take your business to new heights, these strategies are here to guide you in your quest for balance and satisfaction. Here's to bringing your summer glow into every day of the year!

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