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Three Top Organisation Systems For Work And Business
Apr 27, 2020

When you’re a mum running a business, you can spend half your time feeling like you don’t know whether you’re coming or going. The list of things that need tackling can be endless and you find yourself waking up at night remembering something important that you’ve previously forgotten. However, implementing organisation systems can save you time and help you get back on top. Here are three that you can easily implement within your business.

1. Filing System

It’s easy to get overrun with paperwork and the trouble is that this can lead to you wasting hours looking for that all important piece of paper that you put “somewhere safe”. The easiest way to get on top of this is to have a filing system. For example, it might be bills in one file and notes on meetings in another. This is also an organisation system that you can implement at home to keep on top of the paperwork there too!

Don’t make your categories too broad – in fact, the narrower the better. The idea is that you’ll know exactly which file to place something in and exactly which one you will be able to retrieve it from.

2. Productivity Tools

There are hundreds of different productivity tools out there. For example, there are ones that allow customers to book calls with you and that automatically add it into your calendar. Customer relationship Management tools allow you to keep notes on people you’ve met and conversations you’ve had so that you can easily refresh your memory. Then there are apps that help you to track expenses and do your accounting.

Have a think about what’s taking up too much of your time and look at the productivity tools that are available – you might be surprised just how much easier they can make your life.

3. Computer Folders

Folders on computers have been around for a long time and yet we don’t tend to make the best use of them. That means we can spend forever searching for a file and being unable to find it or having to trawl through hundreds to find the right one.

Using folders effectively will allow you to keep your files organised and easy to find at a click of a button. It’s also worth remembering that folders can also be set up in your email so that you can keep the ones you need organised and delete the others. There’s no need to be search 10,000 emails for the one you want!

Whether you’re a working mum or a mumpreneur, life presents enough challenges as it is. By implementing these simple systems, you avoid any more unnecessary ones coming your way. If you’ve got a productivity tool that’s been invaluable, share it in the comments and help other mums too.

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