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The Reason Why You Have Fears That Hold You Back
Aug 12, 2019

To reach your full potential you need to overcome the fears that are holding you back and this is easiest when you understand what they are, where they come from and why. What are your biggest fears, as a woman, a partner, a mother, a businesswoman, a daughter, a sister, a friend? There are fears that go with each of the roles we play in our lives. But why? What purpose do they serve?

We aren’t the only species that suffers with fear; every living animal does. The fight, flight, freeze response is rich within all of us. Even plants and trees send signals to each other under the soil to warn of dangers to keep their forest alive. Although this is not fear its strictest sense, it is evidence that we are not alone in our want to keep our tribe fit, healthy, and alive.

As a species we have evolved to have a certain set of needs to ensure we thrive. The need to belong and feel part of a tribe is just one example. We want to avoid disapproval, being seen as “abnormal” or “different” because, many years ago, belonging to a tribe increased our chances of survival.

It is also a basic instinct to want to succeed in life, whether it’s as a wife, mother or businesswoman. We want to avoid failure and want to be the best we can possibly be. Again, this comes back to improving our chances of survival. But what about the fear of success? How does that make sense? Well, that involves change and new things and in that, there is the unknown which stops us from being able to predict and judge any dangers.

As we get older, we assess situations and activities for their level of danger so that we can greater protect our tribe and ourselves. Ever noticed how roller coasters become much scarier as we grow into adults and we have our own tribe to protect and develop?

The truth is our fears are just trying to keep us safe and improve our survival but we’re working with outdated systems for the way we live now, and theses safety measures are not always best serving us.

Imagine a moment, a world without the day to day fears we’ve been talking about. How would the world look? Would you take more opportunities? Make decisions more quickly? Have more fun and success? Feel limitless?

There are of course times when we still need to listen to these fears but if we’re not careful, they can begin ruling our lives and hold us back. Fear is a tool humanity has developed over the millennia to help us survive in a very different environment to the one we live in today. Sometimes, you need to embrace your fear, trust your gut instinct and use them to propel you in the correct direction.

In the next blog we will look at ways to do just that and more, until then try and work out what fears you have and where they’re coming from.

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