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The Power Of Positive Thinking
Jun 21, 2009

Positive thinking is such a powerful attitude, it can help you to fulfil your dreams. It will empower you to be the very best you can be.

For those mums who feel frustrated, confused or unfulfilled with life, positive thinking can be a difficult concept to grasp. How can a method of thought possibly have an effect on your life?

The way you currently feel is a direct result of your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. If you cannot see a way out of your current situation, your limiting beliefs are prolonging your despair. Negative thoughts are contagious – one leads to another – leaving you to live a life of unhappiness and disillusionment.

Negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, therefore, have the power to consume you with depression and misery. Conversely, positive thinking is as powerful an emotion but is optimistic, helping you attract what you really want and offering a great outlook on life!

The first steps to embracing a positive outlook, is to let go of your limiting beliefs. Assess each negative thought in turn and identify your reasons for having them. If these reasons are ill-founded, unsupported by evidence or the results of an event that happened in the past, let them go - release them. They are of absolute no use to you and only serve to hold you back from future happiness.

Doing this alone will not transform your life. Don’t expect to make a 100% transition to thinking positively overnight. Try to develop yourself to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones:



I can’t do this.

I can do this and will try different methods to ensure I succeed.


I’m worried, as I’ve never done this before.

This is a great opportunity for me to learn something new.


I never have enough time.

I am organised with all my tasks properly prioritised into my schedule.


I’m not confident enough.

I am confident and I will embrace learning as a way to grow.


I’ve done some bad things.

I forgive myself: I am doing a lot of good now.


Adopt and maintain positive disciplines in your life. Surround yourself with other optimists and if you believe the negative people in your life are seriously encroaching on your happiness and life balance distance yourself from them. Treat yourself as you would others – don’t say anything to yourself you wouldn’t say to others. Be mindful that what you think and believe about yourself will ultimately create your reality. Your thoughts affect your feelings, which in turn affect your behaviour. You attract to your life whatever you give your attention, energy and focus. Remember to smile more: it will help you to feel more positive.

Overcome your limiting beliefs by learning to put your newfound positive thinking into action. As you gradually build towards a more positive outlook, you will become less critical of yourself and the world around you: your stress will reduce, you will begin to cope better with everyday challenges and gain a sense of peace, wellbeing and ultimately happiness.  The benefits are truly immense.

Challenge yourself to identify all the positive things you do in the day and don’t focus and dwell on minor challenges and setbacks that may have occurred.  There is no such thing as failure; only experiences from which to learn and therefore the opportunity for personal growth and development.

Positive thinking will improve your confidence and self-esteem. Start your journey today and look forward to a life of happiness, improved health and fulfilment.

Start your journey today – achieve confidence, balance and clarity for an easier, happier life!

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