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The Benefits Of Boundaries For You And Your Family!
Mar 23, 2020

What would happen if you said “No”? This month we have been exploring what you might be tolerating and allowing in your life and why you may feel unable to change that. Maybe you’re not convinced yet that you should make any changes. In this blog post, we’re going to explore the impact it might be having now, and what could happen if you put more boundaries in place and a stop to some of the things you’re permitting.

Is your family really benefiting?

We often think that by putting up with stuff and making everyone else a priority, we’re doing our friends and family a favour. However, that’s not really true.

As a mum and mumpreneur, you want your children to grow up, respecting and understanding other people and that starts with them realising that you’re a person too. As your children get older and can understand more, you are helping them to become more rounded individuals by teaching them about boundaries.

Your partner and friends will also get to spend time with a better version of you if you have a lower tolerance to things such as negative talk – it can be upsetting for those who care about you to watch as you treat yourself in a way that you would never dream of treating others.

How you perceive yourself

The biggest impact of having too high a tolerance level, is that it can damage your confidence and self-esteem. That negative self-talk can start to tell you that you’re not worthy and with nothing in place to stop that voice saying it repeatedly, you begin to believe it. That means you start holding yourself back and not reaching for your goals – it kerbs your potential.

Low self-esteem can impact on all aspects of your life and if you struggle to think about you, remember that your children are always watching. We’ve discussed in numerous blog posts about how we pick up many of our patterns and behaviours during childhood. If you want to raise confident children, it’s important to work on your own confidence and that means valuing yourself and putting those boundaries in place.

It doesn’t stop at home

If you’re a working mum or a mumpreneur, it’s also important to recognise that allowing and tolerating too much will have a damaging impact on your work too. If you run your own business, you may find that you can’t give it the proper attention that’s needed for it to grow. If you’re working for someone else and don’t have boundaries in place, they may well take advantage which could make it almost impossible for you to find the right balance between home life and work.

Remove the obstacles and dream bigger

But if you’re someone who has been tolerating too much in your life, don’t worry, you can make changes. Once you do so, you can find much more harmony and balance in your life. That gives you the space needed to open your mind, get creative and start dreaming bigger for you and your family.

Over time, you and your family can grow in confidence and overcome any barriers and obstacles that get in your way. It’s time to remove the limitations and self-doubt and begin to believe in what’s possible because you really can make anything happen.

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