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Sharing For Success
Apr 08, 2012

When it comes to housekeeping, does it seem you are the only one taking responsibility?
Would you like to find a way to share the roles of the house rather than be controlled by them?

By nature mums are caring individuals who take their responsibilities seriously and diligently. However this can often mean mums take on too many tasks, leading them to feel frustrated, exhausted and unfulfilled. To maintain an orderly home, it is often far easier to share the responsibilities and encourage each family member to get involved in maintaining a nice living environment.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum or a working mum, it’s good to work out a workable division of labour with your partner. If you are at home for most of the day while your partner goes out to work, you might take care of the majority of general household chores but there are things they can do to help out too, such as cleaning, laundry, car maintenance and gardening work.

A great way to share the responsibilities of childcare and housekeeping is to each have defined roles. You can, for example, set out the days you will look after the children while your partner works, and vice versa. You can therefore distribute the household tasks as well, with each person understanding what his or her responsibilities are for the week ahead.

If your partner is out at work all day and doesn’t get to enjoy as much time with the children, ask him if he would like to take charge of the bedtime routine. While he baths the children, reads them a story and puts them to bed, you can be attending to other chores or getting a much-needed rest!

“I was really struggling when our first baby arrived,” recalls a friend of Empowering Mums. “I couldn’t keep on top of the housework and the laundry, whilst getting to grips with my new role as mum. I realised something had to change. My husband and I discussed how we could share the general running of the house so we could spend more time as a family. He now gets up with our son in the morning and gives him his breakfast before going out to work. This gives me time to get dressed and ready for the day ahead. When he comes home, we all have dinner together and then he takes sole charge of bedtime. During this time I tidy the house and catch up on the laundry. We then chill out for the rest of the evening and get to enjoy each other’s company.”

If you share the responsibilities, you will feel much happier and fulfilled in your role as a mum. Your partner will be offering more support and will feel better for doing so. Discuss which roles you would each prefer and commit to them every week. You will soon be reaping the benefits of more quality time to spend together as a couple and as a family.

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