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Setting And Achieving Business Goals
Sep 26, 2010

On 28th September, Tracey is holding a free teleseminar for Mumpreneurs who wish to understand more about establishing a strategy for developing and maintaining a successful business. As part of our Mumpreneur-focus month, we thought you might like some top tips that will help you to set and achieve your business goals, whether you wish to establish your dream business or would like to develop and grow your existing enterprise.

Take Each Step At A Time
Establish one goal at a time to avoid being overwhelmed by all the things you would like to achieve! Once you have created your list of goals, prioritise them so you can tackle each one individually.

Break It Down
If your goals are sizeable, it is good practice to break each one down into smaller tasks. It may take a few months to achieve your overall goal so this will give you greater satisfaction as you can celebrate the achievement of each small task until the whole goal is accomplished.

Ask For Help
Find a business mentor who will help and inspire you. This will often motivate you to further your ambitions and give you the drive you need to fulfil your business objectives. Having someone with whom to discuss your business can help you to establish which goals should be set that will help you create a lucrative enterprise.

Remember The Benefits
Identify the benefits of achieving each and every one of your business goals. This will ensure you remain positive and inspired to attain the goals that will make the biggest difference to your business and keep you moving forward through more challenging times.

Be Determined And Persistent
Running a business can be stressful. Often you will have to work really hard to make any headway at all but if you persist, success will follow. People often give up because they lose faith in themselves. Ensure you have the self-confidence to make your business idea happen. It could be the key to your future happiness!

Maintain Your Vision For The Future
At all times throughout your business planning, remember all the reasons you had for establishing your business in the first place. If you are doing this to bring more money into your household, to support your children’s upbringing, to give yourself greater flexibility or to have a happier career, keep this in mind. Your vision of a thriving venture will always keep you motivated and inspired.

Take Action!
Being successful is ultimately about getting out there, getting on with it and having a go. Goals are not achieved without effort: they require you to do something different to what you are currently doing and take action no matter how small or large the step. With every step of action you take, the quicker you will journey to where you want to be on both a personal and business level.

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