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Seek Clarity In These 3 Areas Of Your Life!
Sep 12, 2022

Have you ever felt dissatisfied with your life? Perhaps you’ve even felt this despite apparently having what you thought you wanted? It is not uncommon for a mum or mumpreneur to have a lifestyle that she thinks should bring happiness and to believe something is wrong with her because she’s still not content. However, this normally indicates a lack of clarity about what you really want. In this blog post, we’re looking at the different areas of your life which can benefit from that clarity. This is not about making every day magical – that would be unrealistic. Instead, it’s about thinking of your life overall, on balance.


Morning Routine

The morning routine can be a stress point for many mums and mumpreneurs. If there are more days where this is bringing you negative feelings than not, then it’s time to assess and gain clarity. Think about how you would like the morning to go. While you can’t control every aspect, including your children’s reactions, there are many things you do control.

For example, if you want it to be calm and relaxed rather than a last-minute dash to find everything, consider what you can put in place to make this happen. Could you give your children a checklist that they run through after dinner? Could a checklist help you? What can you do the night before? Is there certain music you could play to create the right atmosphere?

But before you do anything, make sure you gain clarity on what you want your morning to look like, then put a plan into action.


Work Life

This is an area of life where it is typical for people to be acting on expectations rather than desires. It’s important to remember there is no right or wrong in this. Just take some time to consider what would bring satisfaction in your work life. For some, this might be a particular income, for others it’s a job where they don’t have to think much. It might be you want to be creative, logical, or make a difference. You need to clear your mind of what others might think about your work and instead focus on what brings you happiness, including the balance you have between this and the rest of your life. Only once you know what you want can you go after it.

Finances are also an important factor within this, but again make sure it’s what’s right for you rather than expectations. For example, if you’re a mumpreneur you’ll know there are a lot of expectations around “building a 6-figure business”. Remember, this won’t bring happiness for everyone. In fact, for many, it might just bring lots of stress and a lack of balance. Decide what’s right for you, whether it’s earning a little extra pocket money each month or building a business empire!



Finally, consider getting clarity about the relationships you want in your life. We’ve all kept someone in our lives because we’ve felt like we should, even though their presence constantly has us rolling our eyes or feeling miserable.

These relationships include friends, family, colleagues, your partner, and your children. Rather than worrying about what these relationships “should” look like, instead get clarity on what you want them to be like. For example, some parents want to be their child’s friend, others think that’s the worse thing possible. The truth is, there isn’t a right or wrong, just what is right for you and your family.

Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to look at all areas of your life at once. Instead, consider which one needs your focus right now. This is likely to be the area in which you feel most dissatisfied. Take time to get clarity and then put a plan into action.

In our next blog post, we’ll be sharing how to gain absolute clarity. But for now, if you feel you need some help to navigate this, get in touch to find out how we can support you gain clarity and make it happen.


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