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Preparing For Holiday Excitement.
Jul 11, 2010

The build up to the summer holidays can be overwhelming, especially when you are wondering what to do with your excitable children during the long annual break! Here are some great tips to help you contain your children’s excitement whilst keeping them entertained in the summer sun.

Set Up A Play Room Or Play Area
Children often go from room to room leaving remnants of a whirlwind in their wake. Trying to keep up with the tidying and all your other household chores can be exhausting, especially if you are also juggling other duties such as work responsibilities.

If you’ve the space, set up a play area or play room that the children can concentrate their mess, rather than spreading all over the entire house! Although they can leave games out in this room to continue playing with the next day, it is important you encourage them to put away toys with which they are no longer playing. A great time to have a tidy up session is before tea or bedtime.


Maintain Your Usual Routine

Just because children don’t have to go to school in the morning, they still need vital sleep. During the holidays, children play hard and will probably be worn out by bedtime. Although it’s tempting to allow them an extension to their usual bedtime, maintaining their usual sleep pattern – at night and in the mornings – is extremely beneficial to their overall routine and behaviour. Maintaining a normal sleep pattern will help you get back into the swing of term time come September.


Guard The Cookie Jar

It is sometimes easy to give in to children and ply them with biscuits and sweets during the holidays. However, foods containing high levels of sugar will give your children unnecessary bursts of energy that they find difficult to control. Both you and your children will find these bouts of high energy draining and this is when more demanding behaviour sets in. Try to limit treats to a routine snack time or after their main meal.


Have Fun!

All too often busy mums get stuck in a rut of telling their children to calm down, go and watch the television, or to be quiet. This usually happens when other jobs take priority, such as doing the laundry or vacuuming. Instead of trying to get all your jobs done during the holidays, consider keeping on top of the necessary hygiene jobs only and take a break to play with your children. The summer holidays should allow you to have fun as a family – embrace this opportunity and enjoy some quality time with your family.


Involve The Whole Family.

When planning activities for the summer holidays – from games in the garden to day trips out – ask each family member what they would like to do. Enjoying activities that everyone has chosen will ensure no one gets bored or stops having a good time. This will help prevent any wayward tantrums or unnecessary sulks from occurring.


Allow For Some Time Out.

At Empowering Mums we believe in time out for mums, but during the summer holidays it is important that your children take time out too. Don’t plan too many activities as this can drain the energy and spirits of you all. Instead plan to enjoy some lazy time with your family. You can even make chill out time fun by having a duvet day with the kids or by staying in your pyjamas until lunchtime. It’s not often we get the chance to completely wind down and this is a good time to do it with your loved ones. It also gives you a great opportunity to catch up on lots of cuddles!

Whatever you have planned this summer, try to maintain your regular routine as much as possible but more importantly, have fun and enjoy this great opportunity for quality family time!

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