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Not Enough Hours In The Day?
May 20, 2018

Life balance is something that so many of us struggle with. Whether it’s juggling family and work priorities or our personal life with other responsibilities, on the see-saw of life, maintaining equilibrium remains as challenging as reaching the spiritual state of nirvana.

We may feel that a sense of balance is something that we will always struggle to hold on to, that in this day and age, with our commitments and responsibilities, achieving balance is a nice idea in theory but not very practical.

We may look at others and their lives feeling that because they earn more money, have a present partner, have more support, have fewer children, ore even just deal with pressure better than us, they will find it far easier to maintain a semblance of balance, while we fight a losing battle.

We would be wrong in thinking this, not least because every single person has their challenges. The person earning more may feel they work too many hours, the person with a partner may not be getting as much support as they need, the person with one child may find their little angel as demanding as two children, the person we think is coping better may be doing everything they can to keep on top of everything. When it comes to balance and fitting everything in, most of us would agree that having more time is something we feel would help.

How many times have we lamented that there just aren’t enough hours in the day? Is this really the case? Or could the answer be simpler?

What if the issue of maintaining balance had less to do with time and more to do with our habits? We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Why is that some of us manage to get so much done and still manage to spend quality time with our loved ones and still make time for self care?

What if the issue of maintaining life balance had less to do with time and more to do with our habits? One of the biggest barriers to success when it comes to achieving goals is the difficulty in letting go of poor habits.

If we looked at how we spent our time over the past week it's highly likely we would discover bad habits we probably didn't even realise was an issue. Procrastination is probably the biggest waste of time for many of us. This can show up in numerous ways, from spending time actively avoiding what we know we should be doing to filling our time with meaningless activities just to avoid what we feel we should be doing. The longer we take to do what we feel we should be doing, the less we end up getting done.

Neglecting prioritising is another bad habit we can fall into. When we don't prioritise, everything is as important an urgent as everything else - which of course is never the case. A huge to-do list can make us feel overwhelmed and cause decision paralysis as we don't know where to start with taking action.

Trying to do it all. The truth is there is only so much any one person can get through in a day, however, when we work as part of a team, we can get so much more done in the same amount of time. Do you ask for help when its needed or do you battle on no matter what comes your way? Trying to do everything is a brilliant way to get not a great deal done. Even if you do manage to get through everything it often happens at the expense of something else, like family time or self care.

Scheduling downtime in your weekly routine is as important as anything else in your diary. When we don't make time to look after our health and mental wellbeing, we can very quickly start to feel out of balance.

Prioritising is one of the best ways to avoid running out of time. My Mums Seeking Necessary Rest Technique for getting everything onto paper to see exactly where the priorities are and help you create a workable plan of action and free up more time for yourself.

This technique is mentioned in my ‘How To Find More Time For Busy Mums’ eBook, if so you’ll be familiar with the process above.

If you aren’t familiar, it stands for:-

Must Do – urgent or consequences

Seek To Do – seek to do by set date or soon becomes urgent

Nice To-Do – nice to do, enjoy doing but can be flexible if greater priorities above or crop up

Remaining to-do – anything left is delegate or delete

By prioritising we can avoid procrastination and burn out from doing too much. Instead we feel organised, in control and have more certainty around the structure of our days. From this place, we ca n start to enjoy our days rather than feel we're constantly chasing our tail.

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