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Maximise Family Fun With An At Home Holiday!
Aug 09, 2009

2009 has brought some real challenges for families across the UK. The credit crisis has resulted in a huge number of redundancies and many of us are working hard at ‘tightening our belts’. With the summer holidays on the horizon, the Mediterranean sun may have already set for many of us.

But fear not! It really isn’t all doom and gloom! It is possible to enjoy maximum family fun this year without even leaving the comfort of your own home. An At Home Holiday will not only save you money but it can be far more relaxing than a traditional break. The benefits of staying at home this year will leave you feeling relaxed and recharged almost from the outset: with no packing or travel, your time will be freed up for maximum fun!

Just as you would a traditional family holiday, you must also plan your At Home Holiday, so it doesn’t simply pass you by. Involve all family members at the planning stage, incorporating choices of activities from each member of the family, with everyone agreeing to maximise the fun to be had from each other’s choices!

Remember to plan your At Home Holiday according to your available budget, then allocate your funds for treats, day trips and dining together so as to avoid any unnecessary stress from overspending.

The idea of a family holiday is to enjoy your quality time together; playing games, various activities, chatting and generally relaxing. Ensure you and your partner book your time off together, just as you would for your usual annual holiday.

Some fun activities for the family include:

  • Visiting local museums
  • A day at the zoo
  • Long leisurely lunches in the garden
  • Trips to the swimming pool
  • An exciting day out at a theme park
  • A day at the coast
  • A day spent fishing or out walking

These are all activities that we never seem to get to do during our normal week, plus the added bonus is they maximise your quality and fun time together.

With both you and your partner being at home, don’t forget to maximise your time-out too. Take it in turns to spend time with the children while one of you enjoys some essential ‘me time’. He might like a round of golf, while you might like an afternoon at a local spa or lunch with a friend. Giving yourselves a special treat like this will invigorate you both.

Additionally, don’t forget to spend some time together. Another benefit of being at home is that you can book your usual babysitter, enabling you to enjoy a special evening together.

The possibilities for an At Home Holiday are endless. And who knows, perhaps this will turn out to be your best family holiday yet!

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