Make Time And Take Time For Self-Care
May 11, 2014

The lives of most modern mums tend to revolve around the needs of their children. Although being a mum is a highly rewarding role, it brings with it plenty of sleep deprivation, worry and stress. If you are leading a busy family life, your health and wellbeing will inevitably have an impact on what you are able to do for your children. If you are feeling overwhelmed, unappreciated and exhausted, making time for self-care can help to re-energise you and re-awaken your lust for life.

As busy mums, we tend to spend all our time fulfilling the needs of our children and our partner. Suddenly your time is spent looking after everyone else, leaving you to feel very tired and disillusioned with the life you are leading. If your health, wellbeing and energy levels are suffering, this will have a direct impact on your relationship with others. You might find yourself snapping at your children or ignoring their constant demands. Your relationship with your partner may be struggling because you simply have no patience for their needs when they come home from work. If this all sounds familiar, making and taking time for self-care will be a very worthwhile investment for you and your family.

By looking after your health and personal needs, you will start to regain control of your life and its direction. Suddenly you have something to look forward to, that gives you another purpose, motivates and re-energises you. You could choose an exercise class or a relaxation programme to help reinvigorate you. Alternatively you might just need to see more of your friends and spend time socialising away from play centres and parks.

However you choose to spend your ‘me-time’, ensure it happens regularly. Find time each day to collect your thoughts, even if it is just for five minutes over a cup of tea. Some mums find it beneficial to spend a few minutes alone before bed to empty their minds of all the constant chatter and cluttered thoughts. Some like to be the first up in the morning so they can enjoy a few moments of quiet before the hectic routine begins again.

Short, daily moments of me-time are great and highly valuable. They allow you to collect your thoughts and become calmer, enabling you to feel more in control of the challenges you face on a daily basis. Schedule at least one evening a week during which you can truly focus on your needs and work towards achieving your personal goals.

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