Maintain Order In Your Own Home
Feb 24, 2014

De-cluttering your home takes commitment and effort. Once you have managed to sort through the chaos and organised your possessions into their rightful places, how do you maintain a clutter-free environment long-term?

A Clean Sweep
Keep on top of your surroundings by clearing up as you go along. This might sound a simple tip but when you lead a busy lifestyle, it is easy to let things slip as you rush from one task to another. If you don’t have chance to clean as you go, try to clear up before you go to bed. Keep a basket in the lounge for scattered toys and fill up the dishwasher with the day’s dirty dishes. There is nothing better than waking up to a clean, organised home!

Sort It Out
Whenever you go shopping, you bring more possessions into your home. Before you buy something new, consider whether you really need it or if it will simply add new clutter to your tidy home! Remember to donate or dispose of the things you no longer need or that you are replacing. Allocate a home for anything new that comes into your home.

Trash The Junk
The accumulation of paper is one of the most common types of clutter in every home. Junk mail can consume worktops and desks! Get rid of junk mail for good by signing up to the Mail Preference Service. This will dramatically cut down unwanted and unsolicited mail. For mail you do want to keep, file it as soon as you have read and dealt with it. That way your paperwork will remain in order and your worktops will be clear!

I hope these tips help you to maintain a clutter-free home long-term. If your clutter starts to pile up again, simply begin a new de-cluttering exercise. The more regularly you maintain your clutter, the easier it becomes, leaving you more time to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing home environment.

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