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Learning To Believe In Yourself
Nov 14, 2016

At one point or another in our lives, we all question whether or not we are good enough, capable enough, skilled enough, rich enough and successful enough! Sometimes these feelings can become overwhelming, which is when self-doubt really takes hold and begins to negatively impact on your actions and ability to enjoy a happy life. When this happens, it is easy to make decisions based on the influences of others, which can be equally damaging. To feel fulfilled, it is important to do what you want and wholly believe in your personal choices so you can achieve your own goals and much more.

All too often we allow the opinions of others to dictate our thoughts and actions. Not only do we compare ourselves to our friends but we are continually fed a false ideology of perfection through gossip columns and social media posts. Try to step away from these influences and begin to see them for what they are; snippets of people’s lives presented through rose-tinted lenses! Once you consider what you really want, regardless of what other people think, you will begin to make decisions based on your own values, thoughts and desires.

Of course you do need a way to discuss scenarios, problems and decisions with other people, to vocalise situations and challenges. This is encouraged so you avoid bottling up your troubles, fears and worries. However, identify your biggest supporters with whom you can confidently share these concerns without the fear of being judged. These are the people who will support your decisions no matter what, so nurture these relationships and draw strength from them. Always remember to enjoy the company of like-minded friends and family without allowing them to dominate your thoughts and actions.

Finally, be kind and gentle to yourself. Do not berate yourself from the mistakes you make but learn from them and draw from these experiences in a positive way in the future. Only by allowing yourself the freedom to explore your own thoughts, believe in your capabilities and live with the consequences of your actions will you become the woman you truly want to be.

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