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Lay the Foundations for the Future
Jan 01, 2015

Your business plan lays the groundwork for the future development of your company but it is up to you to build on these foundations to ensure your enterprise prospers. As your business grows, there may be the need for expansion and this in turn will require further planning and thought from you. Your business plan ought to demonstrate how you hope to see the changing shape of your business. Following start-up, you may have a clear and defined path that you see your company taking. It is important to define the objectives by which you gauge the measure of your success.

Cracking the work/life balance is always challenging but it helps to be organised and adopt a robust strategy for success. By creating goals, you can clearly define what you want to achieve and how you can do this whilst retaining an ideal balance between work and life.  Your enterprise’s development may be straightforward and linear, but you could find yourself presented with challenges that weren’t initially on your radar. Once you have established your business, you may have to tailor your plan accordingly. Having a contingency plan in case of unexpected occurrences, such as economic downturns or illness, is always prudent. If your company is evolving, avoid putting up barriers that could prevent progress. Have the confidence to invest, have the belief to change and be prepared to step up to the next level.  Progressing your company can sometimes require a considerable adjustment to your business plan, as it can involve significant developments such as taking on staff, diversifying or, if you haven’t already, moving into a permanent office or industrial premises. All these factors will require time and effort on your part to consider and implement.  For example, to employ staff you need to be able to allot time for vetting and interviewing prospective candidates who you deem suitable recruits for your business. These changes will help your company prosper so don’t shy away from them. If you believe in them, embrace the new opportunities and watch your business flourish. By creating a solid foundation for your company, you will be able to overcome obstacles, respond to challenges and embrace change. Managing a growing, prosperous business can be complex but it brings benefits and rewards, a sense of achievement and a boost in confidence for mumpreneurs.

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