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Just Say 'No'!
Feb 28, 2011

Do you find you are constantly attending to the needs of others and never addressing your own? If you continually give in to the demands of others but would like to start fulfilling your own needs, freeing up your time and taking care of yourself, then now is a good time to learn the power of saying ‘No’. 

Saying ‘no’ to someone can be daunting and difficult to do but if what is being asked of you will take up your valuable time or you feel uncomfortable taking on such a request, you should be feel confident enough to refuse them.

Of course there are many ways to respond in the negative but the main thing to remember is to back up your reply with the honest reason why you cannot fulfil a request. This will support and validate your response, leaving you well respected and with more time on your hands! Great ways to say no include:

I’m unable to right now…
If you are being asked to do something and you would like to help but that particular time is inconvenient, enquire as to the deadline of the task. If a person wants something doing but isn’t in too much of a hurry, you might still be able to help out at a more suitable time.

I’m on a deadline.
If someone demands your immediate attention, succinctly advise them of your own impending priorities. They should realise you have your own challenges to deal with and understand you cannot compromise right now.

Can I get back to you?
Should a friend call when you are in the middle of something but you are interested in what they have to say, always ask if you can return their call. You might be in the middle of dinner, bathing the children or getting ready to go to work. If you return their call at the earliest available opportunity, you will have done your best to be there for your friend.

I’m not really the person you need.
As you have previously got on with fulfilling the needs of others, people may assume that you would be the right person to attend to a certain task or role. However, your instincts might be telling you not to take on this task: someone else might have a better skill set to complete it more successfully. Do not feel awkward about this. It is important you feedback your concerns so you do not take on more than you can cope with, which will only lead to stress for you and disappointment for the requester when the task goes uncompleted.

Saying ‘no’ is not the worst thing in the world to do. It will invigorate and energise you as you know you are self-assured enough to realise your priorities are as important as those of others. Give it a try and see how much time you free up for yourself as well as how empowered you will feel!

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