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How To Stay On Track And Achieve The Life You Desire
Sep 23, 2019

You’ve decided on the life you want to create. You’ve even started making progress. But then life gets in the way. Many mums and mumpreneurs can struggle staying on track with what they truly want. You might lose your inner drive, your determination or find that your commitment waivers. It may all start to feel like an impossible, unachievable dream.

Once you’ve found where to start it can be difficult to keep going, there are so many distractions in life - family, friends, the latest boxset, a new shiny idea. They are all there to tempt and challenge us. The hardest thing to do is keeping focused. But whatever the reason there are a few steps you can take to ensure you remain focused and on track to creating that life of your dreams.

Know Your Why

Knowing your why can help you stay on track and get back on track when you have got distracted. It requires some thought to discover your real why. Make time to get clear on why it is you’re working towards your goal – think about the difference it will make to you and others around you.

Then, you can create a simple visual aid on your desk, in the kitchen, bathroom, or somewhere you will see it regularly. Each day make a point of reminding yourself of your why, a bit like an affirmation. The constant reminder will help you to stay focussed and get through those hard times and temptations.

If you’ve “fallen off the wagon”, don’t beat yourself up about it. Sometimes you need the break, sometimes the break is unavoidable. Just remind yourself of why you wanted to make the changes in the first place, and it will give you the motivation to get back on track.

Reward Yourself

Reward systems aren’t just for kids. They are great motivation for us as well. Although we shouldn’t rely on external ways of motivating ourselves, sometimes it’s necessary and can help us increase our chances of success.

Make sure that you set realistic goals or targets. Before you get started, decide on a reward that will motivate and excite you – don’t make the mistake of not setting a specific reward otherwise you won’t have something to look forward to and motivate you. When you reach your goal, make sure you reward yourself – don’t be tempted to do the typical mum thing of putting it off in favour of treating your children instead!


Another way to stay on track is to be accountable. By sharing your goal or plan with someone, you dramatically increase your chances of success. It could be a friend, a family member, someone you work with, or even just via posting about it on Facebook.

If you don’t want to share it with someone you know personally, there are groups for accountability buddies, or you could consider hiring a coach. That feeling of having to tell someone you haven’t done what you set out to do is almost guaranteed to keep you on track.

Celebrate The Small Wins

With every step you take, no matter how big or small, there should be a celebration. Small achievements often go overlooked and you can lose perspective on how far you’ve come and become disillusioned. It doesn’t matter what you do to celebrate, just make sure you do it, however small the win. It can also work wonders for your general mindset. You could even choose to congratulate yourself each day that you remain consistent in the changes you’re making.

The key is to be prepared – know that there will be challenges and difficult times and be ready for them. With some simple preparation, you can keep going and create the life you desire.

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