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How To Stay Motivated to Achieve Your Goals in 2017
Jan 09, 2017

With a new year usually comes the desire to think about goals and aspirations. While some may be new, some are likely to have been carried forward from the year just passed. One thing for sure is that all will be linked in some way to our inspirational vision.

So what is your inspirational vision? Essentially, it’s your Big Why. The ultimate vision you have for your life and your purpose all wrapped into one. The beauty of your Inspirational vision is you get to choose what it is. It may even shift or change completely, with your life experiences reshaping what newly inspires you on your journey.

On your path, you will encounter many experiences and people, which may influence your Inspirational Vision. Sometimes this is for the better, for example, what inspires us is likely to change once we become a mum. We may become more or less ambitious depending on the lifestyle we want to provide for our families. Other times our vision may shift because of what we feel we SHOULD want. For instance, within a relationship with our significant other, our vision may involve having a certain lifestyle or code of conduct but if their expectations and Inspirational Vision is at odds with ours, we may find ourselves going with the flow to keep the peace rather than standing our ground for what we want.

Whatever the scenario, in order to live a life that continually inspires us, it’s important that we really know and understand our WHY. Knowing what drives us and why it’s so important to us will provide the motivation to overcome the inevitable hurdles along the way. Knowing the positive impact your vision will bring is what will help you keep taking small steps in that direction.

Ensuring the what, why and impact are aligned with what’s really important to you - your core values; with a sprinkle of self-belief and confidence will keep you upright when you encounter those hurdles.

Here are three top tips to stay on track with working toward your Inspirational Vision:

  • Get crystal clear on your goals and how they fit in with your Inspirational Vision for 2017
  • Write a brief outline as to why you want to achieve each goal, what will the ultimate impact be? This will keep you motivated
  • Check and test your Inspirational Vision for 2017 is in alignment with your core values. You can refer to my July 16 post on working out your core values here.

Finally, really believe in your vision and in your capability to achieve your goals throughout 2017. You’ve got this!

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