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How To Start Looking For More Opportunities!
Jun 24, 2019

In our last blog post we looked at how you could increase your awareness and focus so that you can maintain the success you’ve achieved. But what then? What do you do once you’ve got to where you wanted to go and have it under control? What tends to happen is itchy feet and that question, “What’s next?” Today’s blog post will give you some ideas for how you can explore the answer to that question.

The first place to start is with which area of your life you would like to work on – what would you like to be better or easier? You might decide that you want to discover more about yourself, do something that brings you more money or create something special that will inspire your children or others. It’s important to ask yourself what would bring you most joy? Don’t fall into the usual trap of thinking about what others want from you.

Once you are clear on which area you want to step up to the next level, you then need to start considering different ideas and keeping an open mind. This is the time to think BIG and not get bogged down with all the details of how it will happen. It’s amazing how opportunities can just open up in front of you once you have an idea of what you might like to do!

Lots of mums and mumpreneurs want to leave a legacy for their children or to inspire a new generation – like I said, don’t be afraid to think big! This could be related to the work you do or some other area of your life. It can all be a little daunting, but it needn’t be. Building a legacy is easier than you think.

Top Tips For Building A Legacy

Remember legacies are not built overnight. This will be a long-term project and it can take time to find the right thing for you. These tips will help you remain open to opportunities and to enjoy the journey.

1. Grab Every Opportunity You Can. No matter how small, bigger ones will follow.

2. Dare To Be Happy. Even on those tough days, happy people leave happy legacies.

3. Know Your Full Limits And Stretch Them. Never stop learning and show up as your best self, every day.

4. Put Service Before Success. Being a good, kind and courteous person will always help you on the path to success.

5. ‘Carpe Diem’. Seize the day, do what is important now. Spend time with your children, you don’t want them remembering you always working. Take that holiday, you may never get another chance. Don’t live with regrets. If it goes wrong, it can generally be fixed. Make happy memories.

6. Relax. You can’t build a legacy if you are burnt out! Don’t stress or worry over building a legacy, it can be a lifetime’s work and it’s built one step at a time.

In the meantime, start looking around you at the opportunities that are there and don’t forget to let us know if one suddenly comes your way!

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