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How To Overcome Your Fears
Aug 26, 2019

In last month’s blog post, we looked at understanding your fears a little better. Now it’s time to discover ways of coping with fear and how to push past it in a safe environment.

As we learned, fear is a primal instinct to keep us safe, it is not meant to stop us from moving forward in life. The pressures of modern life and social media have exacerbated fears that normally live on a much lower fear level. Learning to differentiate between the fears that are keeping us safe and those that are holding us back, can take time. Here are some of our favourite ways to start overcoming those fears.

Feeling Different

Generally, in any fearful situation we’ll start thinking about the things that could go wrong and those that could go right – the best and worst scenarios. If something is truly dangerous or wrong your gut will tell you with an overpowering wave of fear, constant worry and a surge of adrenaline. It feels different to those other fears and learning to recognise the difference can help you decide when it is or isn’t safe to continue.

Name Your Fear

If you have a fear that tends to come up time and again, then a great way to deal with it is to give it a nickname. It doesn’t sound nearly as scary when it has a silly name. Say it out loud, write it down but remove it from your person in some way. Ignoring your fears only help them to grow, so stand up and face them.

Learn To Think Long Term

What does today’s fear stop you from achieving long term? What could you achieve in three months or three years if you faced your fear today? Talking through the long term consequences of your fear can help you face and overcome a small fear.

What About Your Peers?

Peer pressure is not just for teenagers and it can contribute to your fears. There are peers who will create fear by pushing you to do things you really don’t want to do or that could be damaging long term. Some peers create fear by holding you back due to their own fears. Instead, you need to surround yourself with peers who will help you push past that fear to achieve greatness.

Take some time to work out which category your peers stand in. Try and surround yourself with those that want to help you, they are going to be there if something goes wrong and celebrate your wins. Knowing you have this support can help ease the fear of pushing forward.

Get Perspective

A lot of our fears today aren’t about the life-threatening stuff. Try to get some perspective on them. Ask yourself, what is the worst that can happen? Sometimes the thought of something happening is much scarier than the reality. Remind yourself of all the times this has been the case and rather than putting yourself through the agony of constantly thinking about it, get yourself into action.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help. A lot of fears are born because people are too afraid to ask for help. Do you really need to do something alone? Ask a friend, a colleague, a family member. If the fear is bigger than you can handle and is impacting your life in a major way, then feel free to get in touch to see how I can help you move forward.

Fear is everywhere, we all suffer from it, even the people who come across as brave – truth is they have learnt to use it to their advantage. Be kind to yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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