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How To Leave Your Past Behind You So You Can Build Your Self-Worth
Jun 08, 2020

What’s holding you back from having more self-value? In this month's newsletter, we discussed the importance that self-value plays in being able to create the life you want. But to be able to build more of it and move forward, we need to identify what’s stopping us. Quite often, it can come down to things that have happened in the past and in this blog post, we’re exploring what you can do to leave that behind you so that you can feel more worthy.

Our Experiences Of Others

Probably the most significant impact from our past is our experiences of others. It might be that someone treated you poorly and in turn, you've questioned your own worth. You’ve probably heard people talk about how forgiveness can help and yet it can feel impossible. However, it’s important to remember that holding onto these experiences only damages you – the forgiveness releases you from that.

While it can be a difficult concept, living by the notion that everyone is only ever doing the best they can at that moment in time, is incredibly powerful. If you want to improve your own life, keep repeating that and release yourself from the past.

Getting To The Truth

We’ve discussed in past blog posts how our surroundings and upbringing, particularly when we’re young, can influence the sort of thoughts and ideas we have. These can often be detrimental to our own wellbeing. Many mums and mumpreneurs will be familiar with stories such as “I’m not good enough”, or “I’m a failure”.

However, to feel more valued and valuable, you need to tackle these stories that run through your mind unchecked. Remember, our thoughts are just that – they’re not facts. By looking for the evidence for and against the ideas you have, you can start to see the truth. Consciously find those successes and times you deliver more than enough. Remind yourself of them. Once you change these past stories, you’ll recognise your value.

Forgive Yourself

Finally, remind yourself that you’re human. Sometimes we can spend years dwelling on and going over our past mistakes or failures. Instead, we should see these as growth opportunities. Recognise what you can learn from them and use them to move forwards. The sooner you can forgive yourself, the sooner you’ll start to recognise what an incredible and valuable woman you are!

Let go of your past and then with the help of our next blog post, you can start build your self-value and attract all the right things to your life. If you need a bit more help to do that, drop me a message to find out more about how I can support you.

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