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How To Keep Clarity And Achieve Your Goals
Mar 25, 2019

You finally have some clarity. But what happens when our busy day to day lives start butting in and taking over? There’s always someone demanding attention and something urgent that needs doing. Before you know it, that clarity on what you wanted to achieve has been forgotten, buried under the everyday tasks that threaten to sink you.

To start achieving those goals you have to maintain your clarity, reminding yourself of them constantly. Read on to discover our top ways for keeping clear on what you really want.

What It Is You Want

Just thinking about what you want is not enough. It will soon get pushed out by all the other thoughts you’re trying to hold on to. Instead, find a visual way that you can display them so that you can see them multiple times a day.

Different methods work for different people. However you could try some of the following:

  • Create a vision board or collage use images and words from magazines, adding your own drawings or writing as needed. Put it up on a wall or cupboard door
  • Create a digital collage or photograph your vision board and save it as the background on your computer
  • Do the same thing for the background on your phone
  • Change passwords so that they contain your goals
  • Write what it is you want on your mirror in eyeliner.


Why You Want It

If you are to achieve what you want in life it has to have real meaning – there needs to be an emotional connection. Understanding the “why” behind why you want it will ensure it has a deeper meaning and you’re more motivated to make it happen.

To strengthen your why you can try these ideas:

  • Write about it in a diary or journal. You could do 5 minutes before going to sleep and write about what it means to you, how it would make you feel, or the difference it would make
  • Add it to your vision board or collages
  • If it’s something that could be put into a photo, do it and make sure you place it in a frame in a prominent place that you will see multiple times a day.

Ultimately, you have to make your vision a part of your life. You need to start living and breathing it every day. How are you going to make sure that you don’t lose that clarity?

Start your journey today – achieve confidence, balance and clarity for an easier, happier life!

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