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How To Inspire Others To Have Confidence In You!
Aug 08, 2022

While having confidence in yourself and your abilities is crucial, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t also consider how we can inspire others to have confidence in us too. When other people feel confident in our abilities, it can open new doors and opportunities. For example, if you’re a mumpreneur, clients need to have confidence in you before they will buy. Thankfully, there are a few easy ways in which you can exude that confidence, even if you’re not really feeling it yet.


Use Body Language

The words we speak account for only a small percentage of how we communicate. Body language can say far more. You might ‘talk the talk’, but if your body is giving a different message, others are going to find it hard to trust in your abilities.

If you want to show confidence, adopt a confident stance. Hold your head high, push your shoulders back and make eye contact. The great thing about body language is that showing confidence can often make you instantly feel more confident.


Show You’re Listening

There is nothing worse than talking to someone who you feel isn’t really listening to you. Feeling heard inspires confidence. Make sure that when someone is talking to you, you’re not distracted and pay attention. Tilting your head to the side slightly can help give this impression. One of the best ways to demonstrate that you are listening to someone is to follow up on what they say with clarifying and relevant questions. When someone can tell that you are genuinely listening to them, they feel understood and as though you are there for the right reasons rather than having some ulterior motive.


Stop Apologising

Okay, this is a common problem amongst mothers. For some reason, we develop the habit of apologising all the time. Sometimes, it can seem like we’re apologising simply for existing! However, the side effect of this is it can give the impression that you lack confidence in your abilities. We often say sorry without even thinking about it. Before it slips from your lips, take a moment to consider whether it’s really needed. It’s likely that a lot of the time, there isn’t even something to apologise for!


Treat Others With Respect

This one is fairly obvious. If someone has ever treated you with disrespect, you’ll know that the last thing you feel is confidence in that person. Showing others the same level of respect that we ourselves would expect is going to show them you’re a good person, someone they can have confidence in. It creates the impression that you are secure in yourself and your abilities.


Be Consistent

Consistency is crucial in all areas of life, including being a parent and running a business. Otherwise, you give mixed messages. As a mum, you need to be consistent in your parenting so that your child can learn the boundaries. In business, inconsistency can give the impression that you don’t know what you’re doing. Whether it’s your child, partner, or client, consistency will inspire confidence in you.

Of course, if you’re lacking confidence, this might all feel a little overwhelming. We would suggest starting with the body language as this can also trick you into feeling more confident. In our next blog post, we’ll be looking at how you can build confidence in others, including your children. But for now, if you would like support in building your own confidence, get in touch to find out more about how I can help.


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