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How To Improve Your Self-Estem & Feel More Confident
Nov 25, 2019

How confident are you in yourself and your abilities? Do you believe that you can have the life you want and achieve whatever you want?

In the last blog post, we looked at how you could free yourself from expectations and start living in a way that is more authentic so you could build your self-esteem and confidence. In this post, I want to share with you a few ways in which you can start building your confidence, so you realise just how limitless you are.

Keep Doing It

It sounds simple and might not feel that way at first. However, when you first start doing something new or doing it differently, you’re stepping out of your comfort zone. It may not feel entirely natural and you may struggle. However, your grandmother was right, “practice makes perfect”. The more you keep doing something, the easier it will become and your confidence will soar.

Question That Inner Voice

We all have that inner voice that can whisper doubts and even be quite mean. It’s just your brain working as hard as it can to keep you safe because it sees change as a threat. One of the ways to quieten it is to acknowledge the fear that it presents but then to make a conscious effort to present evidence.

If it’s whispering that something will fail, look for evidence that it will be successful. If it’s telling you that “you’re not good enough”, run through all the small things you have successfully achieved, however small they are. Don’t just take the word of that voice, question it! With time, you’ll find the voice instead starts supporting you and boosting your self-esteem.

Change Your Posture

Have you ever paid attention to your posture and the impact it has on your mood? It may surprise you to discover just how much of a difference it can make. When you’re doubting yourself and believing that you’re not succeeding, you’ll find that your shoulders are hunching over and you’re looking down towards the floor.

But it works the other way around too – change your posture and change your mood. Make a conscious effort to stand tall, shoulders back and head up. Stroll along the street or around the supermarket and notice how much more confident you feel.

It might be hard to believe, but it really can change how your feeling and boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Of course, if you feel like you need more help feeling self-assured and confident, get in touch to discover how I can help you. In the meantime, try out these tips and let me know how you get on.

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