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How To Build Confidence In Others!
Aug 22, 2022

How can you help others to feel more confident? In the past, we’ve talked a lot about how we can develop our own self-esteem and confidence. However, for many mums and mumpreneurs, it’s equally important to them they encourage confidence in those around them, especially their children. This can feel difficult to do if you lack confidence in yourself. However, we’re sharing five ways in which you can get started.


1. Worthwhile Praise

Most parents today are well used to praising their children. However, if we overdo this, it can cause others to feel as though your praise is worthless or ungenuine. Instead, we need to focus on offering ‘worthwhile praise’. This involves being more thoughtful about when we praise someone and ensuring that it is genuine, that the person has done something worthy of praise. This applies just as much to colleagues or staff within your business as it does to our children. When we receive worthwhile praise, we know deep down we deserve it and get that warm, proud feeling!


2. Validate Their Feelings

Again, this is true for everyone, not just our children. However, it is perhaps children who most often have their feelings dismissed. When we’re under pressure and short of time and our child chooses that moment to burst into tears, our patience is tested! But by not acknowledging and validating another person’s feelings, we are unconsciously sending a message that their feelings don’t matter. That takes a toll on our self-esteem. Regardless of whether you agree with them, it’s crucial that you validate how they feel if you want to build their confidence.


3. Encourage Them To FAIL

Many see failure as something to avoid. We often see it as proof that we are not capable. However, there is another way to look at failure where we turn it into an acronym – First Attempt In Learning. In fact, we make our most progress when we fail at something and take the time to look at what might have gone wrong and what we can learn from it. Creating an environment where we encourage others to have a go, fail fast, and learn from the experience will do wonders for their confidence. In other words, make it safe for them to fail.


4. Boost Self-esteem

Society has encouraged women, in particular, to be coy. We bat away praise and avoid talking highly of ourselves. But this only reduces our confidence. There is a popular account on TikTok where a mum encourages her daughter to say positive affirmations in the mirror as she is doing her hair. For example, they’ll say things like, “I’m strong and independent”, “I’m worthy of good things”. We could all do with more of that in our lives! Try doing the same with your children. If you have a team under you, then it can also be helpful to encourage them to reflect on the day and identify their achievements.


5. Set An Example

And finally, we get to the tough talk. People follow the example set by others. If you’re always using self-deprecating talk and putting yourself down, then those around you will most likely follow suit. The most impressionable people are our children. They will copy our behaviours and that includes a lack of confidence.

The best way to make others feel confident is to develop your own. If you need support in doing that, then drop me a message to discover more about how I can help.


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