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How To Be Courageous
Oct 23, 2016

Courage helps you to grow. It enables you to stand up to your doubts and fears so you can achieve your goals and realise your tremendous capabilities. Being courageous gives you the impetus to go out there and succeed; you will feel more confident, in control, passionate and optimistic about creating the life you want and deserve!

Courage plays a huge part of our ‘mother bear’ make up. Your drive to support your child, no matter what, is born out of your ability to be courageous. It’s the one emotion on which you can rely to get through life’s most challenging situations. If you have held your sick child and offered them comfort when inside you don’t have all the answers, you will know what courage is. Courage gives you a dose of resilience and confidence in one shot precisely when you need it most.

Yet, under less dramatic conditions, in day-to-day situations and especially when concerning your own hopes and dreams as a woman, courage can be awkwardly lacking. Without courage, we flounder. We become consumed by the what-ifs of life, allowing fear to wash over us and prevent us from pursuing opportunities.

At the end of my last blog, I asked you to identify your fears and consider why you hold onto them. If you desperately want to invite confidence, balance and joy into your life, you will be required to change. Courage will help you change so you can pursue your goals with passion, purpose and confidence.

In overcoming your fear, you must firstly establish how it has come to be. Where is the evidence to support your fear? If there is none, you can let it go. It may sound simple but it enables you to rationally judge the validity of your fear so you can move forward without looking back.

Always be mindful of your qualities, skills and achievements. In doing so, you will understand your self-worth. Be accepting of your achievements you can eradicate self-doubt. Doubts intensify fears so learn to rely on your principles when making decisions.

Spend more time with those people you consider to be courageous. Observe how they behave and react to situations. Identify how they make decisions and see how little they distrust themselves. Learn to confidently assert yourself, as these people do, so that you too become more courageous, positive and in control of your own future.

Finally, embrace the opportunities that come your way. Allow yourself to explore new experiences and learn from any hiccups you may encounter. Only through experience will you grow and the more knowledge you can acquire, the less doubt and fear can infiltrate your actions. As Christopher Columbus famously said, “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

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