How Mums Can Prioritise What Really Matters!
Aug 28, 2023

So far in August, we’ve learnt about planning ahead and letting go. Now, as we soak up the last of the summer rays, let's dive into the final piece of our summer survival puzzle: figuring out what truly matters and pouring our energy into those areas. And yes, this involves ditching some of your less important tasks!

You're probably wondering, what exactly counts as 'less important' tasks? Simply put, these are tasks that, if left undone or done less often, wouldn't significantly affect your business or personal life.


Spotting The Less Important Tasks

But how can you spot these time-thieves? Here are some strategies to help.

Assess Your To-Do List:

There will be a myriad of tasks on your to-do list which will vary in importance. Scrutinise each one, asking yourself whether your business or your family’s happiness will take a dip if you complete the task as regularly, or at all. If the answer is 'no', this is a task of less importance than can be reduced or cut completely.

Weigh Task Value:

Not all tasks are created equal. Some tasks contribute more value to your business growth or family joy, and therefore, those with low value may be deemed less important. Consider which ones contribute the most value. These are the ones which should occupy your attention, others less so!

 Reflect on Energy Expenditure:

There are tasks which buoy us up, fuelling our energy, and there are others which leave us drained. Start to notice how each task impacts your energy. If it exhausts you without offering substantial payoff, it could be considered a less important task.

 Consider Outsourcing:

You may have tasks on your list that are necessary and can’t be completed by anyone else but yourself. However, there will also be those which do not require personal touch. Identifying those which could be done by someone else, will give you the option to outsource.


Ditching Or Reducing Tasks

Once you have identified the less important tasks, what do you do then? How can you reduce their frequency? There are three main ways.

1. Rethink Your Schedule

Could your social media survive with updates thrice a week? Could your house stay tidy with a thorough clean-up once a week rather than daily? Reducing your schedule in this way is a simple way for you to gain time over the holidays.

2. Delegate or Automate

If you’re a mumpreneur, identify business tasks that can be automated with tools and services, such as scheduling social media posts or handling invoices. If you’re a mum who tends to take on looking after the home, consider splitting chores among family members. You can also consider outsourcing home or work tasks. For example, you might hire a VA or a cleaner.

3. Smart Multitasking

It’s amazing how much ‘dead time’ we can have in a day when we’re just waiting for something to happen. For example, waiting for the children to finish an activity, the dinner to cook, or for an appointment. Some less important tasks can be paired with these low-engagement personal activities to maximise the use of your time.


The Pareto Principle

It’s also worth implementing the Pareto Principle, or the 80/20 rule as it is commonly known. This rule suggests that 80% of effects come from 20% of causes. Applied here, it means that 80% of your business growth and family happiness likely comes from about 20% of your tasks. Focusing on that 20% – your high-priority tasks – can bring you closer to your goals, while spending less time on the 80% of less important tasks frees up your time and energy.

So, what does this all lead to? By focusing on high-priority tasks, you’re carving out more time, preserving mental energy, and lowering stress levels. This clear focus can spur business growth, foster deeper connections with your family, and importantly, provide you with some well-deserved downtime.

As the long summer comes to an end, remember prioritisation is about doing more of what enriches you and less of what doesn't. By identifying and lessening the frequency of less important tasks, you're creating a more fulfilling, balanced summer – a time of growth, joy, and balance.

And, if you would like support in creating the priorities in your life, get in touch to discover how we can help. For now, we’re cheering you on!


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