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How Mums Can Find Inner Peace
Nov 12, 2018

Ultimately, we all want to find inner peace. It should be simple and yet most of us struggle to find it, particularly mums and mumpreneurs. So why is this? Why can being a mum make it harder? In our newsletter we looked at how messages from our childhood could stop us from finding peace. Here, we look at what role our emotions play and why this can make it trickier for parents.

The Trouble With Motherhood

One of the best ways to find inner peace is to recognise and respond to our emotions. Now, this might sound on the surface, quite simple. But when we become mothers, we have a habit of burying our real feelings and instead focusing on the emotions of those around us, especially our children.

We dedicate ourselves to ensuring our children have a happy life and in the process, ignore our own feelings. Given a choice between taking the children for a day out to the zoo or spending the time with our friends at a spa, we will usually put our children first, even if we’re feeling exhausted and desperately need to recharge our batteries.

At times when we do notice that we’re feeling down or having a lot of negative feelings, we’ll tell ourselves that we’re too busy and don’t have time for this, we just need to pull ourselves together, that we should stop feeling sorry for ourselves and keep going.

But by dismissing our own emotions and feelings, we are unwittingly preventing ourselves from finding inner peace.

But What Have Our Emotions Got To Do With Finding Peace?

Your emotions are a little bit like a compass for finding inner peace – they can tell you which direction to go in and let you know when you’ve gone off course.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable or resentful for example, it’s your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t aligned. Identifying the emotion and what has caused it can help you recognise what it is that’s preventing you from finding peace.

Recognising your feelings is even helpful when trying to get past your social conditioning. If you’re doing something and it’s not making you happy, you can ask yourself why you’re really doing it and reveal the conditioning that you are unknowingly following.

How To Start Listening Again

The trouble is that when we’ve spent a number of years ignoring, burying or not listening to our real feelings, it can be hard to start hearing them again. As a mum or mumpreneur, this difficulty is further exasperated by the busyness of your life.

In order to start recognising and hearing what those emotions are trying to say, you have to turn down the volume on the rest of the noise. Below are 3 different ways that you can do this.

1. Lie Down

Take 5 minutes to lie down without interruptions. Spend a couple of minutes noticing how your body physically feels – what muscles feel tight or are aching? What might be causing this? Why do you feel this way? Asking these types of questions will help you to feel more in tune with yourself.

2. Notice The Niggles

Start to take notice of those little niggling feelings. Rather than ignoring them and continuing what you are doing, take a moment to try and identify the emotion and then ask yourself why you’re feeling this way.

3. Switch Off & Step Outside

One of the best ways to start getting in tune with your emotions is taking time away from modern life and all our gadgets, technology and distractions. Spend time in the outdoors, whether it’s just a wander around your garden or a walk in a forest. Get out amongst nature and away from your phone.

Let me know in the comments how you’re really feeling and remember, if you need some help getting more balance and inner peace in your life, I’m here, simply get in touch.

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