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Holiday Dreams Can Come True!
Sep 25, 2016

Throughout September, I have been focusing on the dreams and aspirations mums visualise during the calm of a family break. Often these thoughts for the future end up by the wayside when ‘normality’ resumes. Yet you can change this and create a new reality for you and your family that reflects the lifestyle you truly want and deserve.

To do so, you can start by taking your ‘dream’ and turn it into a ‘goal’. A simple change of mind-set is incredibly powerful and can change your life! With a goal, you can create a plan of action and begin to enjoy the happier, more fulfilled life you have always wanted.

A step-by-step plan, with deadlines and specific actions, will help you to move forward. Consider your goal as a whole. If you could focus on only one thing, what would it be? This answer becomes your top priority. Repeat this exercise until you have three top priorities that will help you achieve your goal.

Schedule your weekly planner so it is aligned with these priorities. Eliminate any obstacles that will prevent you from taking this step. This may not be easy but banishing unnecessary or unwanted tasks from your schedule will give you the time you need to work towards accomplishing your goal.

Ensure you take consistent action. By committing to and remaining focused – always remembering the life you are working towards – you can make your holiday dreams come true!

Start your journey today – achieve confidence, balance and clarity for an easier, happier life!

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