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Getting Your 2018 Off To The Right Start
Jan 08, 2018

If you missed January Empower and last week's blog, first and foremost I'd like to wish you a very Happy New Year, with greater confidence, balance and clarity for the year ahead.

How has the first week of 2018 treated you so far? Can you believe we're already a week into 2018?

I do hope you're well and have had an enjoyable festive period with your families and loved ones. I've heard from many clients, colleagues and friends that have unfortunately been afflicted with all sorts of bugs over Christmas, including quite a few with full-blown flu. If this was you, I hope you're now fighting fit or at least well on your way back to health and ready to embrace all that 2018 has to offer!

I am so excited about what's in the pipeline for Empowering Mums being rolled out over the coming year. Wowzers! We have lots in store for you over the next 12 months! Here’s a taster of what launched fresh for January 2018 or is soon to come over the next few weeks:-

  • We've launched our new rebranded Empowering Mums website – you can see it here. There's an array of free resources available and as always I on hand to offer support
  • We have an awesome Facebook page with a friendly community of almost 13,000 mums now – yes 13,000!!! Why not come along and join them?
  • Also launching 1st January (and those eager eyed amongst you have already joined over the festive period… I thank you for taking fast action) we have a new private Empowering Mums Community Facebook group where throughout the year we will be hosting a variety of 5 day interactive challenges and free resources to help you with many mum related topics and everyday challenges we face as mums!
  • We have our first 5 day challenge launching in the group to help you gain clarity and balance for 2018 helping you create achievable goals with the confidence to make them happen. We start 15th January so head along now and make sure you join the community group so as not to miss out
  • The doors to our online I.A.M.S.U.R.E. Confidence Builder program are also opening on 29th January with a host of amazing, valuable ‘fast action’ bonuses available when you sign up – why not sign up to our waiting list via our website to be notified as soon as the doors open to ensure you don’t miss out – visit our new website for details.
  • I'm also excited to announce I have been invited to become an Mpower Expert Member of Nicola Huelin's ‘Mpower for mums in business’ Team and a facilitator of the monthly Mpower Mastermind Group Cheshire launching next week. With over nine years experience of helping Empowering Mums and Mumpreneurs create the life they want, I am looking forward to offering my expertise to the MPower community. Having attended these myself as a mum in business I can tell you they will make a huge difference to keeping you inspired, overcoming your business challenges and keeping you on track with your business aspirations whether you’re just starting up or wanting to grow your business. Come along, you'll be warmly welcomed and your first MPower Mastermind Group Cheshire Meet Up is FREE!

If you're feeling like you've lost a little of your sparkle following the festive period, fear not as we'll do our best to put the spring back in your step, enabling you to make the most of the wonderful year ahead!

On the other hand, you may literally be chomping at bit to take 2018 by the horns and hit the ground running :) You may have already started working towards your goals and aspirations for the year ahead...a few of you have messaged me to say how much you're looking forward to getting off to a great start and have booked a call with me. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better and find out what support you need. If you haven’t already booked a complimentary Confident You!’ Clarity Call and wish to do so, you can book one here.

However you are feeling, find time in your diary for YOU, for YOUR health, for YOUR aspirations and YOUR own ME-time to fulfil YOUR own needs. Never forget, you can’t pour from an empty cup! As mums we can ONLY help those we love if we're in good health ourselves...we're of no use to anyone if we've a chronic disease, we’re low in confidence and self-esteem or we're mentally and physically frazzled from our life imbalance, so getting that ME-time is crucial for us all – it’s all part and parcel of being a good mum!

Here's a quick recap of all the ways you can connect with me, the Empowering Mums community and get off to the right start for 2018….

  • Book your complimentary ‘Confident You!’ Clarity Call to experience how coaching with me over the year ahead can empower and help you to succeed in gaining clarity on your desires and goals for the year ahead, create your ideal balance that’s right for you, your family and your business and build your confidence to make it all happen throughout 2018! 

If you know your lack of confidence, balance or clarity has been getting in the way of you being the mum you want to be, embracing what you really want to do and holding you back from achieving your goals, aspirations and all you desire in your life and business please get in touch! Together, let's blow away those cobwebs and get off to a flying start!

Wishing you great confidence, balance and clarity throughout 2018 and beyond!

Start your journey today – achieve confidence, balance and clarity for an easier, happier life!

Empowering Mums is on a mission to empower a million mums and mumpreneurs just like you with greater confidence, balance and clarity to activate your infinite capabilities within! Enabling you to enjoy an easier, happier life alongside running a highly successful business. Aligned with enjoying time out for an essential self-care routine that fulfils your own needs and delight in quality time spent with your children being the mum you really want to be!

For further support please contact Empowering Mums today on 01606 334 015, alternatively visit our website at www.empoweringmums.com for more information.


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