Get Set For Summer!
Jul 10, 2011

Are you the sort of mum who cannot wait to have the kids home from school all summer or do you feel completely daunted by the prospect? Most mums would probably own up to the latter, especially if they are working mums or have other daytime commitments.

The key to surviving this challenging time is to remain flexible. Although juggling work can be tough, try to use your free time wisely. If your child has been in a summer club or childcare all day, make sure bath and bed times are fun. Perhaps add extra bubbles or give them a deep bath in which to splash about! Bedtimes are always great fun with the promise of a story. Cuddle up with a made up tale or a favourite book!
Try to pre-book your childcare arrangements. If you need to schedule official childcare, do so early to avoid missing out on availability. If family and friends can help, ask them to commit to dates so you and your children know what is happening throughout the coming weeks.
Organise some fun activities for you all to enjoy. If money is tight, visit a local car boot sale and pick up some bargain outdoor toys for the garden. You’ll be amazed at what you will find and the kids will love exploring their new surroundings!
Don’t forget to schedule some ‘me time’! Summer holidays are tiring no matter what your situation. Ensure you get some time alone, with your partner or friends. It’s okay for you to enjoy your summer too!
We hope these tips come in handy for organising your summer holidays! Good luck and don’t forget to enjoy your time with the children!

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