Empower Is 100 Today!
Jan 01, 2018

Happy New Year!

Today is a special day for numerous reasons, the start of a new year, a chance to start with a clean slate and Empower, our monthly newsletter has been published for the 100th time. Today our 100th Anniversary edition was sent out and we thought a celebration was called for. When this journey started, the newsletter was sent out quarterly but has been of benefit to our Empower community of mums and mumpreneurs for nine years, providing advice, inspiration and support helping them overcome the daily challenges mums face.

For all the advice and support we have shared over the years the biggest testimony to us reaching this milestone is you! We couldn't have done it without your support, engagement or feedback over the past nine years.

For this we want to say 'THANK-YOU!' for following us so loyally some of you as far back as our first edition back on 1 January 2009 - way back when it was a quarterly newsletter - although due to popular demand it very soon became a monthly edition!

With it being our anniversary and New Year, I have something to share with you I believe will truly help your 2018 start off with a bang. the celebrations don't end there though, in addition to hitting this milestone, 2018 also rings in some exciting changes for Empowering Mums including our new website, a full rebrand and many new and exciting things planned for January through 2018 to help you have greater ease, fulfilment and happiness in your life and business.

There’s an exciting Facebook challenge lined up for January in the Empowering Mums Facebook Community Group. If you haven’t already joined we would love to have you there to make the most of our supportive online community, inspiration and exclusive access to the amazing new content that will be revealed shortly. Best of all it’s completely free to join.

In looking back at the year that has just passed it seems surreal that we are already looking at a new year with new hopes, dreams and aspirations, perhaps even some resolutions. The first day of the year and the first day of the week seems as good a time as any to set ourselves up for success, whatever that looks like to us.

In the last blog I discussed the idea of setting goals based upon your strengths rather than your weaknesses, that's not to say that doing something as a novice, like learning to speak a new language is a bad idea, learning new things from scratch is an important part of self development. The main point is that it’s often more satisfying to go from average to excellent than from poor to average. If your strength lies in writing, going from writing a few blog to completing a book may feel far more satisfying than going from a complete novice to writing a few posts a month.

Whatever the goal you desire to achieve, understand that the setting is only a small piece of the puzzle. Any goal that was successfully achieved started as part of a greater vision. It has to be because when life gets in the way, which invariably it does, it’s the longer term vision that keeps us on track.

Breaking down goals into milestones are also a great way to keep you motivated and on track because they make goals feel more achievable by marking off progress and with each milestone hit you gain more and more confidence.

Going into 2018, what do you have to do differently to achieve your goals and what resources or support do you need to make that happen? Getting clear on what needs to change in order to reach your goals is a powerful way of preparing for success.

With this in mind and as part of celebrating such a huge Empowering Mums milestone, the best way I could possibly help you to ensure that 2018 is your best year yet in addition to all the support and resources created especially for you is to could share with you some of my most powerful tools around goal setting, decluttering, confidence and getting a mindset for success to helping you hit the ground running in 2018.

To do this and celebrate this special milestone, I have put together a special offer just for you.

Imagine your day filled with..

  • Greater clarity on what you want to achieve in 2018
  • Unshakeable Confidence and the belief to achieve all you want in 2018
  • Being organised with self-care time for you and quality time with your children - 'Not having enough hours in the day' becomes a saying of the past
  • The space and energy to embrace welcoming all you want into 2018 clear of clutter in your life, mind, home and business!

As a huge thank you and to aid you in making 2018 your best year yet for the next 100hrs only - an hour for each Empower edition - you will receive a very special 4 For 1 bundle for an amazing 70% of the full price of £65.80. For just £19.95 - the equivalent of the 'How To Find More Time: For Busy Mums' ebook - you will receive four of my most popular ebooks in a very special bundle.

In your very special 4 for 1 ebook bundle you will receive:

1 - Decluttering: Clear Your Space, Clear Your Mind

2 - How To Find More Time: For Busy Mums

3 - Accept Yourself: Build Your Confidence & Self-Esteem

4 - How To Create Achievable Goals

From the highly positive reviews received from my VIP clients and mums purchasing these books, I know how these eBook's and eWorkbook's have transformed the day to day lives of mums who have embraced and implemented these key areas into their daily lives with all the information, tips, handouts and solutions in these popular books!

Today and for the next 100 hours you have a golden opportunity to embrace improving all four of these complimentary areas of your life with these transformational eBook’s and workbook’s featured in our Empower newsletter. Just imagine the positive impact these solutions will have on your day-to-day juggling of all your roles and responsibilities.

So, what are you waiting for?

Treat yourself, do something for you that will help you create an easier, more fulfilling and happier you in 2018 - get your special 4 For 1 Entire Bundle TODAY for just £19.95 with your special offer discount code EMPOWER100 in the 'coupon code' box.

This very special offer to celebrate Empower's 100th Edition will expire at 10am on 5th January 2018 - so hurry and get yours TODAY!

Pick up your celebratory bundle here.

PLEASE REMEMBER to add your special offer discount code EMPOWER100 in the 'coupon code' box to receive your Special Offer Bundle for the special bundle offer of £19.95!

Wishing you greater confidence, balance and clarity throughout 2018 and beyond!

Start your journey today – achieve confidence, balance and clarity for an easier, happier life!

Empowering Mums is on a mission to empower a million mums and mumpreneurs just like you with greater confidence, balance and clarity to activate your infinite capabilities within! Enabling you to enjoy an easier, happier life alongside running a highly successful business. Aligned with enjoying time out for an essential self-care routine that fulfils your own needs and delight in quality time spent with your children being the mum you really want to be!

For further support please contact Empowering Mums today on 01606 334 015, alternatively visit our website at www.empoweringmums.com for more information.


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