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Eat Well. Live Well. Be Happy.
Sep 11, 2011

The most recent edition of Empower, our monthly newsletter, focused on the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and creating a long-term plan for wellbeing. Many mums neglect their own physical and mental needs and focus instead on taking care of the rest of the family. What mums must realise is that they must look after themselves in order to look after others.   

 The role of mum is such a complex one! We try our utmost to ensure the rest of our family is healthy, fit, well and happy, yet we take little time to reflect on our own situation. This is such a shame and mostly comes down to our relationship with guilt. Mums simply find it difficult to tear themselves away from the family to enjoy a little time out.

Taking time out to look after yourself is a crucial part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Whatever you feel you need - time to exercise, chill out, recharge the batteries and look after your wellbeing - ensure it is scheduled into your routine. Stop associating time out with time away from your family. There is no neglect here: you are investing in yourself so you will feel re-vitalised and reinvigorated. You will have more energy to devote to your partner and children when you return!

Leading a healthier life will boost your confidence. As you start to manage what you eat, how you expend your energy and how you wind down, you will feel an enormous sense of control. This alone is reason enough to start putting a plan of action in place to achieve a healthy lifestyle!

Finally, allowing yourself the time to gain the control over your health and wellbeing will empower you to be a happier, more confident mum. As you grow your sense of self-worth, you will begin to feel more content with your life as you know you will be in control of its direction. You have nothing to lose but many long-term benefits to gain!

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