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Define What Matters To You
Jul 10, 2016

Being able to define your core personal values is important, as they go a long way to making up who you are and what you believe to be right. Knowing your values and your true worth can help to build your self-belief and confidence. Even if in your mind you know you’re a confident and strong person, other people must see it as well to be aware of it. Identifying your core values and playing to your strengths will help you deal with whatever life throws at you in your family life and elsewhere.

Your personal core values are the principals, beliefs and attitudes that guide and reinforce your decisions, actions and behaviour. They reflect who you are and represent at the depth of your heart what you hold dearest. Whether you believe you have oodles of confidence or none at all, you still have values. They are based on what matters most to you, what you stand for – and they define you as a woman.

A Solid Base
Your value are your foundations; if they’re not solid, then your confidence will crumble. Identify what you care deeply and passionately about. Think of five to ten values that most accurately describe what you think is truly important to you as a woman; that’s you as an individual not you as any of your many womanly roles you fulfil. Then define those values that are important to you and write a paragraph to capture the spirit of that value in your view. Define why it’s important and why you think it epitomises you.

Compare And Contrast
The next step is to prioritise your core personal values in order of importance to you. This will take time, as you’ll find yourself comparing the relative merits of chalk and cheese. Is honesty more important than hard work, or ambition higher up on the list than happiness or health? Which have you the most willingness to achieve? Which will make the most difference to your life?

Little Reminders
Once you’ve prioritised your values and are satisfied they are an accurate reflection and representation of you, write them out clearly on an attractively decorated piece of card, in your journal or diary. Somewhere you look each day as a helpful reminder. Bring your values into your daily life, in all of the roles you take on. You’ll find that you’ll be at your happiest and most fulfilled when your core personal values are both satisfied and part of your life. It should be a natural congruence with you and your values that achieves your goal of ideal balance.

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