Creating Quality Time: Fun Pre-Christmas Activities To Do With Your Kids!
Nov 27, 2023

Hello, amazing mums! The holiday season is approaching, and we all know what that means—baking, decorating, and a dash of holiday chaos. But what if this year, we turned that hectic to-do list into a chance to make heartwarming memories with our little ones? November is the perfect month to get a head start on Christmas preparations, and there's no reason we can't make it a family affair. Here are some engaging activities that not only prepare you for the holidays but also provide invaluable family bonding time.


DIY Christmas Decorations

Why settle for store-bought decorations when you can unleash your family’s creativity and craft your own? Creating DIY Christmas decorations is an ideal way to kickstart the festive spirit. Gather construction paper, glue, scissors, glitter, and maybe even some old buttons and ribbons. You might even want to take a woodland trip to gather the items you need to create a living garland. Then set aside an afternoon for a family crafting session. You could make paper snowflakes to hang from the ceiling, or handprint wreaths that capture the size of your child's tiny hands this year. What’s special about this is that these homemade treasures can become keepsakes for years to come. Consider making this a recurring tradition, so you can look back and marvel at how much your children have grown over the years.


Gingerbread-Baking Sessions

Baking gingerbread is as much a holiday tradition as hanging stockings or decorating a tree. So why not involve your little ones in a gingerbread-baking marathon? Choose simple recipes that children can actively participate in and where the dough can be rolled and cut into festive shapes. Turn on some Christmas music and let the sweet aroma of gingerbread fill your home. This activity teaches kids the basics of cooking, measuring, and even teamwork. Plus, you'll have a delicious array of gingerbread biscuits at the end of the day that you can share with neighbours or save for the big day! These can even be wrapped and turned into gifts.


Early Holiday Movie Nights

There's something magical about curling up on the couch, hot chocolate in hand, watching holiday movies with the twinkling Christmas lights in the background. Why wait until December to start this? Choose a weekend in November to initiate a family movie night. Each family member gets to pick a Christmas-themed movie, so there’s something for everyone. Create a little 'cinema' with blankets and pillows, and maybe even print some fake movie tickets for fun. Don't forget the popcorn, maybe seasoned with a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg for that festive touch. It's a wonderful way to unwind and gear up for the excitement of the holiday season.


Write Letters to Santa or Craft Gratitude Journals

The holiday season is about more than receiving; it’s about giving and being thankful. Writing letters to Santa can still give your younger kids the magic of the season and the anticipation that comes with it. For older kids, a gratitude journal focusing on the blessings of the year can be a rewarding exercise. Each family member can take a moment to jot down what they’re thankful for, adding another layer of meaning to the holiday season. You could even create a family gratitude board, where everyone posts notes about what they appreciate. It’s a heartwarming activity that encourages kids to reflect on both the big and small things that bring joy into their lives.

Preparing for Christmas doesn’t have to be a whirlwind of stress and last-minute errands. Let’s make this a month of preparation and quality family time, setting the tone for a holiday season that’s filled with love, laughter, and the kind of memories that last a lifetime.


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