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Confidence For Life Survey Results!
May 21, 2012

Mums' Struggles Made Simple [MSMS]

Thank you so much to those mums who took part in my Confidence For Life survey throughout April. A range of answers were returned, demonstrating the range of perspectives, challenges and situations we all collectively experience. I will now respond to your answers and share some solutions to the first half of the survey to enable you to welcome confidence, balance and joy into your life once and for all!

i) I asked if you could remember a time when you felt more self-assured than you do now.

The majority who responded felt you lost your self-assurance to your youth – a time when you were more bubbly, energetic and outgoing – whilst a large proportion had always lacked confidence in your outlook and self-awareness.

One of the main issues mums face is worrying about what other people think of them. Mums continually question their decisions and actions based on what others may think or how they may react. What you must start to do is trust your own instincts and learn to behave in a way that suits you and helps you to live a life you actually want to live. In doing so, you will start to increase your sense of self-worth and your self-esteem will also begin to grow.

In terms of losing confidence and lust for life, this too is a common feature of mums with busy lives. The solution is to learn to allow yourself time out for self-care. The way to fit this in is to prioritise it over other less important tasks, such as the vacuuming, watching TV and surfing the Internet! Addressing your own needs will allow you to fulfil your wants and desires, recharge depleted energy levels and regain that lost sparkle!

ii) I asked whether you lived your life in accordance with your own core values.

It was encouraging to see 50% of responders say you strive towards living your life this way. Yet a great many of you still look for assurance and guidance when making decisions because you worry about what others may think or how they may judge you.

Only 16% said you absolutely live by your core values. It is so empowering to live your life in this way and only by letting go of negative mind chatter and self-doubt can you achieve this state! Allow yourself to make decisions based on the things that are important to you – suddenly you can live life on your terms. Don’t let the fear of what others may or may not think about you prevent you from embracing life’s opportunities and living life to the full!

iii) New situations can be tricky especially when you lack confidence.

Over half of you said you found new situations a cause of anxiety and nervousness. A brilliant way to overcome these feelings of insecurity is to take on the persona of someone super confident – someone you know who truly oozes confidence. Begin by testing out how it would feel to have unbreakable confidence. Next time you are in a new situation, act as confidently as you possibly can and keep practising. You will be amazed by the response you get from others and how much easier these situations will become as your confidence grows as a direct result of your achievements.

iv) How much do you value yourself?

Only 15% of you said you wholeheartedly value yourselves. It is amazing to consider the wonderful things you do and achieve everyday that you allow to go unrecognised. Without focusing on your achievements you can end up feeling lost and life can feel beyond your control with little time to satisfy your real needs. Take a moment to identify everything you have done today, from packing lunchboxes to getting everyone to bed on time. Write everything down – visually you will be amazed at how brilliant you really are! Now find time each day to do one thing for you, even if it is literally a five-minute coffee break for a well-earned rest, ensure you enjoy and treasure this valuable me-time.

I hope these solutions to the first half of the survey will help you to bring confidence, balance and joy into your life and embrace the opportunities available to you! Remember, if you want your life to be different, you have to begin by doing something different to what you already do. Make the decision today to strive towards achieving something better for you and your life by beginning to introduce, practise and embed these tips and solutions into your daily routine.

Thank you so much for taking part in my Confidence For Life survey. I offer further support by hosting regular MSMS Call In Sessions, so if you are struggling with a particular challenge and would like further support on this or any other topic, you can call me and receive 15 minutes complimentary 1:1 laser coaching! May’s MSMS Call In Sessions will take place on Tuesday 22nd May 12.30pm – 1.30pm and Thursday 24th May 1.45pm – 2.45pm. These sessions are arranged on a first come first served basis, and if my line is busy please do call in again. Don't miss out on taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity, contact me on 01606 334 015!

Don’t forget to check back to our blog for the second part of MSMS on the 18th June when I will share some great tips and solutions for the remaining questions of our Confidence For Life Survey.

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Wishing you confidence, balance and joy.


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