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Confidence For Life!
Apr 09, 2012

Mums’ Struggles Made Simple [MSMS]

Having the confidence to live your life according to your core values will enable you to become the woman you truly want to be. If you feel like you have lost your sparkle since becoming a mum, increasing your self-esteem and self-worth will boost your confidence and help you to rediscover your true self.

Empowering Mums supports and nurtures mums to rediscover their true identity by encouraging them to not only identify lifelong goals but to also create a step-by-step plan to make each one a reality. Confidence is often the greatest obstacle mums face when wanting to try something new, to return to work or to even make everyday decisions.

For this quarter’s Mums’ Struggles Made Simple [MSMS], I would like to invite you to complete a survey about confidence and self-esteem. I would particularly like to understand what it is you find most challenging so I can offer you the tools to help you overcome these obstacles so you can become a confident and happy mum.

The solutions I will offer to help you regain your confidence will be posted to my blog in two parts – the first on 21st May and the second on 18th June. All information shared by you will remain anonymous - I will not share your specific details with any other party.

And there's more...

I will offer even more support by hosting regular MSMS Call-In Sessions through May and June of this quarter, following survey completion in April. If you are struggling with a particular challenge, you can call me and receive 15 minutes complimentary 1:1 laser coaching! So please keep an eye on our blog for MSMS Call-In details. Don't miss out on taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity!

I invite you to click here to take part in my Confidence For Life survey! I would be grateful if you could complete your survey by 30th April 2012.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey: your comments will remain confidential and I will provide feedback to the variety of issues you may be facing via my blog.

To stay up-to-date with all future references to Mums’ Struggles Made Simple, please follow my blog, keep up-to-date with MSMS e-mails and follow me on Twitter, @TraceyWall_UK, and Facebook! #MSMS

Wishing you confidence, balance and joy!

Tracey Wall
Professional Coach Empowering Mums

PS In case you missed my ‘de-cluttering’ solutions posted to my blog last quarter, please check out the details here.

Start your journey today – achieve confidence, balance and clarity for an easier, happier life!

Empowering Mums is on a mission to empower a million mums and mumpreneurs just like you with greater confidence, balance and clarity to activate your infinite capabilities within! Enabling you to enjoy an easier, happier life alongside running a highly successful business. Aligned with enjoying time out for an essential self-care routine that fulfils your own needs and delight in quality time spent with your children being the mum you really want to be!

For further support please contact Empowering Mums today on 01606 334 015, alternatively visit our website at www.empoweringmums.com for more information.


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