Clearing Out The Clutter: Understanding And Overcoming Your Mental Noise!
Mar 13, 2023

With children running around your feet and maybe even a business to run, who has time for creating a clear mind? In fact, being a mum or mumpreneur only tends to increase the amount of mental noise you experience. However, in this blog post we share three common causes of mind clutter for mums and share simple strategies to help you overcome them. With a little effort and the right tools, you can quieten your mind and get on with the intentional living plans you created at the beginning of the year.


Cause #1: Stress And Anxiety

Being a mum and mumpreneur can be stressful, and this can lead to constant mind chatter. Many fear they won’t be able to handle all the responsibilities of motherhood and work, and it can become a vicious circle: stress can cause mind chatter and a cluttered mind can increase your anxiety. Getting stress levels under control is essential for quietening the mind.

Strategy #1: Spend Time In The Present

There are many strategies which can help reduce stress and we have discussed quite a few of them in this blog over the years. However, meditation and mindfulness are particularly useful. Both work by encouraging you to spend time in the moment, appreciating what surrounds you. They can also assist you in letting worries and thoughts drift by enabling perspective to be gained as to their priority in relation to living aligned with what’s important to you and your vision. If you are new to meditation, then following a guided one can be particularly useful. These are freely available on websites such as YouTube.


Cause #2: Lack Of Time

Ever felt like there are not enough hours in the day? This is not uncommon for mums and mumpreneurs. Plus, many of the traditional time management advice fails to account for the unpredictable nature of family life. For example, you may have scheduled tasks but then the school rings telling you your child is vomiting and needs to be collected. Theses time pressures often lead to a cluttered mind which only takes up more of your time!

Strategy #2: Priorities And Flexibility

Okay, so as much as we wish we could wave a magic wand and give you an extra hour in the day, we can’t. Additional time cannot be created. But the time you do have available can usually be managed more efficiently. The first step is to take an honest look at your tasks and ask yourself which are really essential and aligned to your vision. If you’ve been meaning to do something for months and it’s still on your list, it would be better to remove it. By still being on your list it’s already proven to be not that important. Prioritising your tasks will also ensure the things that matter most, get done. However, the real key to time management for mums and mumpreneurs is to leave some room for flexibility in your schedule. Something always comes up unexpectedly. Leaving yourself some wriggle room will make life a lot less stressful!


Cause #3: Comparison-itis

We’ve all done it: compared ourselves to someone else and considered the ways in which we believe we fall short. Social media and the internet have compounded this issue. Even worse, we’re then comparing ourselves to a carefully curated impression of what someone wants us to see rather than the truth. The constant comparison to other mums and mumpreneurs can lead to feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. But this only leads to clutter and chatter building in our minds. Plus, it takes our focus away from our intentional living plans.

Strategy #3: Take Control

If social media leads to you comparing your life to other mums and mumpreneurs, then it’s time to take control of what you view. Try taking breaks from social media. This could be a complete break or limiting the time you spend on them. There are plenty of apps which help with this. If you’re a mumpreneur who relies on social media for your marketing, you can take control by putting strict boundaries around what you do or hire someone else to help you.

Of course, you might also be comparing yourself to the other mums and mumpreneurs around you in the real world. Take control of those thoughts by reminding yourself of your goals and how you living intentionally to achieve them. The way someone else lives their life is not going to help you reach the outcome you want - everybody is different with different responsibilities and intentions.

 We hope these three strategies are helpful. However, we’re aware that there are many other causes of a noisy mind, too. One of the most common in mums and mumpreneurs is ‘mum guilt’ which is often related to perfectionism. We’ll be taking a deep dive into this in our next blog post. For now, if you need support in quietening the mind chatter, get in touch to discover how we could help.


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