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Be Different. Make A Change.
Sep 11, 2016

The summer holiday can be tricky for mums, with the typical challenge of balancing work and childcare consuming much of your time! Yet the family holiday can offer sporadic moments of calm during which you can truly reflect on your lifestyle and consider whether it is what you want for you and your family. The trouble comes when you return to your normal routine and get little time to continue exploring ways to create a happier, more fulfilled life.

With a bit of careful consideration and planning, you can achieve those holiday dreams. It’s about taking action! In order to achieve your ideal life balance, the key is to think, choose and act differently. In doing so, you can instigate different outcomes that are better for you and your family, and in alignment with your core principles.

What was it that you visualised during your holiday? More quality time? Fewer day-to-day stresses? A more organised schedule? A better focus on priorities? Whatever it was, ensure you are crystal clear about what you want to achieve to create a lifestyle that is congruent with your personal values.

Ensure your ideal life vision is based on your real desires and beliefs. Base it on your own goals; not on what you think others expect of you. Do what makes you happy!

Ask how you want your life to be different and what is preventing you from making this happen. Are there obstacles that can be easily moved or side-lined to improve matters? Are there negative influences that you can immediately banish? Mop up all the things you can easily remove from your life so you can reduce excuses for procrastination and eliminate barriers to success.

Evaluate how you make your choices. If your responses are making everyone else happy but not you, then change them. By behaving differently and allowing your own principles to guide your actions, you can confidently take back control of your decisions, time, activities, life direction and much more!

Start your journey today – achieve confidence, balance and clarity for an easier, happier life!

Empowering Mums is on a mission to empower a million mums and mumpreneurs just like you with greater confidence, balance and clarity to activate your infinite capabilities within! Enabling you to enjoy an easier, happier life alongside running a highly successful business. Aligned with enjoying time out for an essential self-care routine that fulfils your own needs and delight in quality time spent with your children being the mum you really want to be!

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