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An Introduction To Slow Living!
May 09, 2022

Being busy has become something of a status symbol in recent times. It is almost as if we’re in competition to see how much we can cram into a day. Many people never get to clear their desk at work, however many hours they put in. As mums and mumpreneurs, we’re left with multiple responsibilities which we’re constantly trying to juggle. Whereas it was once the norm for children to have just one hobby, now there is pressure to be taking them to an inconceivable number of activities. The message we get is if we don’t manage to do a million and one things in the day, then we are failing in some way.

When the pandemic hit, life pretty much came to a halt for many. They were able to slow down. They were furloughed from work and there were no demands on them to be doing things outside the home. But for most mothers, it was a very different scenario. They were now responsible for supervising their children’s education and keeping them amused all day long in the house. This was often while also simultaneously working from home. Women were hit hard.

Many of us have been running on empty for a while. Trying to keep going without refuelling is likely to be detrimental to ourselves and our families. But a concept known as ‘slow living’ might be just what we need.


What is slow living?

Slow living has been around for many years but has recently gained momentum. The idea is as it sounds, to slow down the pace of life. It is a rejection of the philosophy that sees busyness as a reflection of success.

We are bombarded with so much these days, far more than we can process. Slow living allows you to address this imbalance. Rather than rushing from one thing to the next, you slow things down and start appreciating what it is you’re doing. You look for depth rather than breadth.


But is slow living realistic?

When people first hear about slow living, they often think it’s not for them – they’ve got no choice, there’s so much they need to get done and there are not enough hours in the day to slow down. For example, thinking about slowing down your morning brings up all kinds of anxieties about not getting out the door on time and being late.

But slow living is not about doing everything in slow motion. It is more about being intentional about how you spend your time. Sharing a few ways in which you can adopt slow living in your life, will help you see the difference.


How to start slow living...

Prioritise and say ‘no’ - A great way to start is with prioritising. Think about what is most important to you and essential to your life. Focus on these things and say ‘no’ to anything else. Many women have been raised to put others before themselves and the concept of saying ‘no’ can be difficult. We then end up with an overloaded ‘to do’ list. But, in the end, no one gets the best of you. Saying ‘no’ will improve your life!

Reduce information - Think about how much information we’re exposed to these days. Just a quick scroll on your phone can bombard you with hundreds or thousands of pieces of information. With slow living, you can become more intentional. What information do you want to absorb? What do you want to learn more about? I’m sure for most of us, seeing pictures of some distant acquaintance’s dinner is not one of them. With slow living, you make a conscious effort to reduce unnecessary information and focus on what genuinely interests you.

Get amongst nature - There is something about walking in nature that slows us down. It takes us away from the clutter of modern life and closer to what’s important. Making time to get out in nature will give you time to slow down, pause and refresh.


A final note

If you’re feeling worn down or exhausted, it’s time to live a little more slowly. Mums and mumpreneurs will often tell themselves that they just have to keep going. But countless women who do this, end up running into some kind of issue, such as a health problem, which forces them to come to a halt. Slow living not only avoids this happening, but it also gives you the opportunity to stay in control.

If you feel like you need help slowing down life, do get in touch to find out more about how I can help.


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