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Align Your Schedule With Your Goals
Apr 12, 2015

Running a business and taking on work projects isn’t easy when you’re already trying to fit everything in around your family’s hectic schedule. Planning and mapping out a life schedule is important to keep all your commitments in focus and in perspective. It allows you to see clearly where your life is going and how you are going to get there. However you plan your schedule, always align it so the tasks are congruent with your personal goals.

Reach For Your Goals What do you want to get out of work? It’s no use devoting time and effort to your own business if it’s not allowing you to achieve the life balance you envisaged.  Your goals should be about you and what you want to achieve on your terms.  It’s pointless if you just feel as though work is getting on top of you. Invest time in planning and organising your available resources, including your time, to create a clear plan of action. Effective planning will help you block out distractions and help you to focus on the tasks at hand. This preparation will pay for itself later when you can see the goals you have achieved and the manner in which you succeeded.

Keep It Simple Identify how you can divide your time. Take into account family time, the school run, sport and exercise, and all the other activities to which you are committed. Centralise your information so you can keep track of exactly where you are up to on any given project. Juggling work and home life is never easy but it can be simplified. Organisation is key for you to know where everything is, helping you to feel in control of your life.

Be Flexible Don’t write your schedule in stone. If you can, incorporate a certain flexibility, which can be adapted to suit you. If you need more time to finish something, allow yourself that time. Always be flexible, realistic and true to your goals.

Scheduling Your Life There’s nothing wrong with lists but don’t end up with lists of lists, with sub-lists on the side! Streamlining your schedule will enable you to make the most of your work time and family time. It will empower you to believe in your abilities to make your life a success.

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