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Achieve Your Goals: Practical Steps That Make Things Happen
Jan 27, 2020

In the last blog post, we looked at how you could set powerful intentions and improve your mindset so that you can achieve what you want. However, we also discussed how other things can get in the way such as not taking care of ourselves and getting distracted by all the other things going on around us. Here’s our run down of practical steps you can take to help make things happen and to achieve your goals.

1. Create Focused Time

Our brains can only focus for so long on one task. After that our productivity dwindles. By working with our brains, we can start to achieve more in the time we have available. One way to do this is with the Pomodoro technique (named after the Spanish tomato shaped timers).

With this, you choose a single task to focus on and set the timer for 25 minutes. Once the buzzer goes off, you take a five minute rest and then repeat. Ever noticed how you can get more done than you ever thought possible when you’re in an exam or are off on holiday the next day? Working against a clock can really help to focus your attention and get more done!

2. Prioritise

When you’re writing your daily to-do list, make sure you note which ones are a priority. This should only be 2 or 3 things. If you’re serious about making changes and getting the things you want, you need to ensure that the necessary tasks appear regularly within your priorities. Commit to doing one thing a day that moves you towards your goals and those small steps will soon start adding up.

However, if you never treat it as a priority, you can be sure that it will continue to fall to the bottom of the list and not get done.

3. Take Care Of You

As a mum or mumpreneur, this can be one of the hardest to conquer. However, it’s important to try and develop ways to look after you – the family probably revolves around you so it’s in their best interests to make sure this happens!

Simple things like diet, exercise and sleep can make a big difference to how much you can get done and how focused you are. It can feel like you’ve got a whole bunch of chores to battle through before you can catch a few winks but take that nap and you will complete those jobs in half the time.

With a few simple steps, you really can achieve everything you want in 2020. I’ve helped numerous mums and mumpreneurs to do exactly that. If you would like to find out more about how I can help you, just get in touch. Happy 2020 everyone!

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